New ‘Karl-buster’ paper confirms ‘the pause’, and climate models failure

The “uncertainty monster” strikes again

We’ve been highly critical for some time of the paper in summer 2015 by Karl et al. that claimed “the pause” or hiatus went away once “properly adjusted” ocean surface temperature data was applied to the global surface temperature dataset. Virtually everyone in the climate skeptic community considers Karl et al. little more than a sleight of hand.

No matter, this paper published today in Nature Climate Change by Hedemann et al. not only confirms the existence of “the pause” in global temperature, but suggests a cause, saying “…the hiatus could also have been caused by internal variability in the top-of-atmosphere energy imbalance“.

That’s an important sentence, because it demonstrates that despite many claims to the contrary, CO2 induced forcing of the planetary temperature is not the control knob, and natural variability remains in force.

Also of note, see the offset as designated by the two colored X’s in Figure 1:

Models and observations don’t even begin to match.

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    The Hot Air is coming streight from the mouths of various eco-wacko leaders a handful of crack-pot sceinists(Like Bill Nye)and and eco-wacko groups like GREENPEACE,SIERRA CLUB,EDF,Etc as well as con-men like Al Gore,David Suzuki and Leonardo DiCaprio

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