New federal rule permits killing thousands of eagles in clean energy push

eagleThe Obama administration is so in the tank for wind energy, they announced yesterday they are revising a federal rule that will now allow wind companies who operate high-speed turbines to “kill or injure up to 4,200 bald eagles a year without penalty.” That’s nearly four times the current legal limit. This new rule would be good for up to three decades, even if it means “killing or injuring thousands of federally protected bald and golden eagles.”

Bald eagles are both the national bird and the national animal of the U.S. and was on the brink of extinction in the late 20th century. In 1995, the bird was removed from the government’s list of endangered species in 1995 and placed on the list of threatened species. In 2007, it was removed from the Endangered and Threatened Wildlife list.

With these new revisions, companies can kill golden eagles without fear of government backlash if precautions are taken to “minimize death or injuries,” such as by “retrofitting power poles to reduce the risk of electrocution.” About 500 bald eagles are killed a year from wind turbines, which literally suck the birds in like a vacuum.

According to Dan Ashe, a Fish and Wildlife service director, the proposal will “provide a path forward” to prevent eagle population loss while speeding up the development of wind turbines intended to ease “global warming.” All of this is part of President Obama’s climate change legacy and clean energy push. Ashe also said the nearly 170-page proposal would protect eagles and “help the country reduce its reliance on fossil fuels” through pollution-free energy sources.

Ashe told the Associated Press that the plan is “a great tool to work with to further conservation of two iconic species.” The proposal also sets goals for eagle management, bird population monitoring, and a basic framework and permitting system that fits within the agency’s eagle management, Ashe added.

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    The Green movement has moved a long way since the 70’s. From every Bald Eagle is precious to let’s kill 126,000 of the suckers.

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    How would the eagles vote ? Death by bird blender or maybe just an indiscernible bit of warming ?
    This is a sad example and commentary on USA leadership .
    Promote an overblown scam and then authorize the mass slaughter of Eagles .
    What is the matter with these people ?

    Announce that the government is authorizing the mass extermination of thousands of Polar bears and see the reaction . Destroy these majestic birds and the symbol of the USA freedom (past tense ) and not a peep .

    When did the USA lose it ?

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    Proof positive the greenie “conservation ” movement and ” silent spring ” addicts never cared about their pronounced ideals.

    The only ideal they’ve ever held to is totalitarian domination of people not themselves.

    They adopt a sentimentalist approach and ideal and then transform it into a theoretical utopian human hating ideology that has no relevance to its original perceptions.

    The triumph of form over substance.

    The triumph of ideology over reason.

    The triumph of leftist extremism over the Constitution.

    The triumph of Communism over the GOD given RIGHTS OF MANKIND.

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