Indian Government Abandons Costly Solar Power, Becomes World’s Largest Producer Of Greenhouse Gases

solar_panels_indiaThe Indian government is wasting huge amounts of solar power because the panels are too expensive to operate, according to a letter sent to the government Monday by the country’s green energy ministry.

The letter explains that the Indian government is shutting down solar panels because they are unreliable and conventional energy from coal plants is almost always cheaper.

“Some load dispatch centres (LDCs) are asking solar projects to back down due to various reasons,” Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy wrote in a letter to the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. “This problem has been going on for the past two months. There are shutdowns for up to two hours a day, resulting in daily losses of several [hundred thousand Indian rupees].”

The amount of electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels is inefficient and doesn’t coincide with times of day when power is most needed. This poses an enormous safety challenge to grid operators and makes power grids vastly more fragile.

The government’s green energy ministry wants to solve the problem by paying solar companies for any electricity generated, even if it isn’t used.

India’s power grid is already extremely fragile, as the country is spending quite a bit supporting solar power. The country increased solar subsidies by a factor of eight last year, raising the amount spent from $92 million to $770 million annually. India got a series of loans worth $1.5 billion in January from international financial institutions for rooftop solar power.

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    India has a thriving economy and they prefer to keep it that way .
    You can’t eat solar panels .
    When the subsidies are gone so are the solar corporate welfare companies .

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