Naturally-Occurring El Niño Makes 2015 The Hottest Year On Record

weather satU.S. government scientists have declared 2015 to be the hottest year on record based on surface temperature readings, reaching 0.87 degrees Celsius above the 20th century average.

Last year’s record heat, however, was in part due to the strongest El Niño warming event in 18 years that lasted through most of 2015. Indeed, El Niño was to blame for the freakishly warm weather Americans experienced over the holidays.

Scientists with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found 2015 was about 0.13 degrees hotter than 2014 — that year was previously labeled as the warmest on record, but scientists were only 48 percent sure of it. Scientists say there’s only a 5 percent chance another year is warmer than 2015, thanks to a powerful El Niño.

“2015 was remarkable even in the context of the ongoing El Niño,” Gavin Schmidt, a NASA climate scientist, said in a statement. “Last year’s temperatures had an assist from El Niño, but it is the cumulative effect of the long-term trend that has resulted in the record warming that we are seeing.”

El Niños are warming events that heat up the Pacific Ocean for months (sometimes longer) and raise the Earth’s average temperature. El Ninos come pretty regularly every few years, and there are even decades when El Niños are much more prevalent than their cooling counterparts — La Niñas.

There was an El Niño throughout most of 2015, according to NASA. The current El Niño was ranked the strongest such event in 18 years and isn’t expected to weaken until Spring 2016.

But while surface temperature readings showed 2015 to be the warmest on record, satellite temperature readings only found last year to be the third or fourth warmest on record.

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    What would the hysteria be like if global cooling was taking place ? Far more people plants and animals have a hard time than a nice bit of warming . Of course sticking thermometers on airport tarmac and having NOAA restate numbers leaves some room for error .

    Let’s hope for more warming …hey then less fossil fuels will be used . A win win that never gets talked about .

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    A year from now, I personally guarantee that the claim will be that 2016 was the hottest year in history,

    And in 2018, that 2017 was,

    etc. etc., ad infinitum

    And this can predicted right now WITHOUT ANY PROOF
    When these claims are made there will also be


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    JayPee I wouldn’t bet against you . If it isn’t the warmest year since 1979 they can always ask NOAA ,to you know, have a look at things .

    I find the whole notion that the entire world’s temperature for a full year can be said to be accurate within fractions of a degree .

    To me whether it is up or down it just seems improbable that someone can stand there with a straight face and claim ….

    Well folks the earth’s temperature is the hottest on record (without saying ..well since 1979 anyways ) and it has gone up by a whopping 1/10 of 1 degree according to a few peoples estimate . Aren’t you scared yet ? If not, it could be even way hotter next year or at least until those $$Billions start flowing to those “developing” nations bleeding the West of all their jobs .

    If the 1970’s predictions of global cooling were right wouldn’t we be celebrating a tiny bit of warming ? Plants and animals like it .
    Why don’t we ?

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