Murdoch’s NatGeo Plans DiCaprio Climate-Panic Documentary, Couric on ‘Gender Fluidity’

dicaprioWhen the Murdochs bought the National Geographic Society and its media properties, the eco-leftists had a fit that the right-wing climate deniers had invaded and “Foxification” would follow. But the latest news from the Television Critics Association tour suggests their panic was premature. It’s actually the climate skeptics who should feel panicky.

Variety reports NatGeo announced plans to acquire and promote a global-warming documentary hosted by that “scientist” Leonardo diCaprio and put it in theaters and on television before the November elections. It sounds like the same old drill of doom and gloom and calls for leftist action:

The film presents an account of how society can prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the globe. Audiences are presented with visual evidence of a worsening environmental crisis that is inflicting irreversible damage on landscapes from Greenland to Indonesia, disturbing the balance of our planet’s climate and hastening the extinction of beloved animals. DiCaprio interviews individuals from every facet of society in both developing and developed nations who provide their views on what must be done today ‚Äì and in the future ‚Äì to transition our economic and political systems into environmentally friendly institutions.

No, it’s easy to guess the conservative “facet of society” will be ignored. They announced that among the interview subjects are Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Pope Francis, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, and what they call “revered scientists, community leaders and fervent activists working to save the world.”

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