Morano on Fox debating EPA & Climate: ‘The end of superstition in Washington’

Morano: “The more the plans fail, the more the planners keep planning and passing regulations.”

“What Scott Pruitt really represents — you see my smile here — This is the end of superstition in Washington. And it’s actually going back to science and actual cost benefit analysis.

“It’s very simple: The EPA climate plan is the signature Obama executive order — he couldn’t get it through Congress so he bypassed democracy. But this plan wouldn’t even impact global CO2 levels, let alone global temperatures or storms.

“Yet Obama administration officials like John Podesta actually sold the regulations as as way to prevent storms and we need this because the storms are getting worse.”

Morano: “If you want to rescind Al Gore’s nobel prize — give it to fracking industry. they had the greatest effect. U.S. emissions now are at a 25 year low in the first half of 2016 due to fracking taking over for coal. It’s technology and new ways of doing it, not the heavy hand of regulation. CO2 emissions are not bad, I was being illustrative there.”

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    Better yet
    Where’s the proof that CO2 emissions are anything other than CO2 emissions ?
    Even better
    Where’s the never presented hypothesis of the mythical greenhouse effect ?

    Neither has ever been proven or even logically presented as an hypothesis !

    Yet the alarmist , leftist extremists claim it is incontrovertible fact and without
    any foundation !?

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    China must be amused. They’ve run laps around the field while Team USA is fumbling in the pits. Obama shoved an EPA potato up the American tailpipe.

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