Miami Beach Turning Into Modern Day Atlantis–Fake News BBC

The fake news BBC World at One today took the chance to add a bit of Project Climate Fear to their unashamedly anti-Trump agenda, with a piece on how rising seas are turning Miami Beach into a modern day Atlantis.

It starts at about 25 mins in, with Trump’s expected announcement this week to drop Obama’s Clean Power Plan. (As usual, you may not be able to access the BBC iPlayer outside the UK).

Queue Cue their correspondent from Florida, who tells us quite literally that “rising seas and flooding are turning Miami Beach into a modern day Atlantis, the city being submerged by water”

A virulently anti-Trump interviewee then tells us that Miami has 30 years left, and we later learn that sea levels at Miami are rising at ten times the global rate.

Of course, you won’t hear any real facts on the BBC.

For instance, that the current rate of rise is 2.45mm/year, and that it has been rising at this rate or more since 1940.

They might also have mentioned that, according to Church & White’s analysis, the land there is actually sinking at a rate of 0.53mm/yr, thus accounting for a fifth of the rise.

In common with other locations on the US East Coast, sea levels have been rising steadily for the last century, as part of a perfectly natural process since the end of the Little Ice Age, as well as a glacial isostatic process.

Interestingly, the programme refers to all of the property development going on in Florida, with the irate anti Trump interviewee basically calling those buying condos idiots.

I suspect that those involved in building and purchasing these know a lot more about the real facts than the BBC reporter, who clearly has already made his mind up.

Maybe at some point in the distant future the seas might win, but the couple of millimeters a year of sea level rise in the last century don’t seem to have made much of an impression:

circa late 1930s


Lummus Park, Miami Beach – The 1930s and now.

And I very much doubt whether Obama’s Clean Power Plan will make the slightest difference either!


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    With all this sad scary flooding fake news by the BBC why hasn’t Miami halted all building ? Don’t they know that in less than a thousand years water could be up
    to the beach furniture ? More room for fish is a good thing and if they are really desperate they can invite the Chinese to build more islands .

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