Man-Made Modeling Abuse Increases The Odds Of NOAA Fraud

NOAA says that nearly a foot of rain in one day in Louisiana confirms their models showing man-made climate change has increased the odds of floods.

Fox flood noaa study

NOAA: Climate Change increased odds for Louisiana downpour | FOX 61

On April 15, 1927, New Orleans got 15 inches of rain in 18 hours during the largest flood in US history.

New Orleans 1927 flooding

American Experience | New Orleans | PBS

New Orleans was founded in 1717, against the objections of the chief engineer who said it flooded all the time.

1717 flooding

1708 flooding

1800s flooding in louisiana

NOVA | Storm That Drowned a City | A 300-Year Struggle | PBS

There has been no increase in heavy rain.

History of flooding in louisiana

The NOAA study has no scientific basis and ignores all available actual data. Software models can be written to produce any result the author wants to produce. They are not evidence of anything other than deep corruption at NOAA.

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