Maine hit with record-breaking spring snow

snow in MaineCCD Editor’s note: As Maine gets walloped with record-breaking snow, and not just in the mountains but low-lying areas, NOAA / NASA announce warmest month ever (thanks El Ni√±o). New England and much of the Midwest has had temperatures 10-20 degrees colder than average for April and May. More bad timing for the alarmists. How much warmer was it? About 1/10 of 1 degree globally. A real barn burner. From the AP:

The leaves are coming out on trees, daffodils are starting to bloom and snow is falling in parts of Northern New England, a month before the official start of summer.

The National Weather Service says 3.4 inches was recorded in the northern Maine town of Caribou early Monday, setting a record for the most snow this late in May.

Five inches of snow fell in Caswell and New Sweden, Maine.

In northern New Hampshire, Pittsburg recorded 2.5 inches. The Vermont towns of Middlesex and Hyde Park and near Pomfret got 2 inches Monday morning.

But the snow is expected to be short-lived. The forecast calls for temperatures to rise, with rain in northern New Hampshire and Maine.

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