Liberal Billionaire Registers 1 Million New Millennial Voters To Oppose Trump

vote-polling-placeEnvironmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer claims he registered more than 1 million new voters Monday who are committed to voting against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Democratic mega-donor said his political action committee, NextGen Climate, registered 1 million voters, including nearly 750,000 in California and about 300,000 in battleground states. Steyer called the surge a “positive signal about the future of our country.”

His political groups partnered with community groups such as Planned Parenthood, Latino Community Foundation, Democratic Party chapters, among other liberal groups.

The former hedge fund manager is focusing his campaign on seven swing states, from Pennsylvania to Ohio to Nevada. The swing state push, Steyer said, is part of NextGen’s $25 million initiative to engage young people and “awaken our sleeping progressive giant.”A record 18.2 million people are registered to vote in California.

A record 18.2 million people are registered to vote in California.

NextGen justified its spending by pointing to a June, 2015, poll showing that 73 percent of young voters believe the U.S. should receive 50 percent of its energy from solar panels and windmills, among other renewable sources, by 2030.

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