Latest consequence of ‘global warming’

iceRemember the ‘melting polar ice caps” and poor polar bears drifting out to sea on remnants of the vanishing ice? Tell it to residents of Cape Cod. Watts Up With That reports:

CBS Boston has published a story with photographs of giant Icebergs washing ashore at Cape Cod, many of them metres thick.

According to CBS Boston;

WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher says this could be a “once-in-a-generation” event due to the extraordinary amount of ice on the Massachusetts Bay. Fisher says the ice won’t be around for long.

There have been several remarkable images left from the record-setting winter, including the nearly frozen waves captured off the coast of Nantucket last month.

Yet John F. Kerry ‚Äì from Massachusetts — keeps calling global warming our primary national security challenge.