Last Obama ‘climate change’ spending frenzy: $90M

Before leaving office, President Barack Obama is sneaking in one last attempt to fund his “global warming” agenda ‚Äì a move that could cost American taxpayers another $90 million if he successfully persuades Asian cities to adopt his plan when he travels there during the last month of his second and final term.

The outgoing president’s push to throw millions into his exorbitant climate change initiative is a last-ditch effort to fund and keep his clean energy legacy before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. However, Obama’s final spending frenzy is nothing new.

“And that’s just the newest attempted infusion of cash to climate-related programs ‚Äì several of which hang in the balance as the administration continues to review industry bids on separate projects launched in recent months,” WND reports.

According to a draft document governing the last proposed program dated December 13 that was released by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the taxpayer money Obama wants to spend will counter the effects of so-called global warming.

“[The initiative’s goal is to help the region to] mitigate, adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses caused by climate-induced events,” USAID disclosed.

The Obama administration’s latest environmental spending spree is nothing new, as the president has reportedly spent billions of taxpayer dollars to help fight “climate change” in America and scores of other countries around the world.

“USAID Resilient Cities Asia, as the initiative is known, would add yet another layer to the many dozens of U.S.-funded climate-related programs already under way in nearly 50 nations,” WND’s Steve Peacock explained. “The new initiative will complement existing efforts in urban areas across Asia, according to a draft Statement of Work, or SOW, which WND discovered through routine database research. The program’s particular angle is to provide assistance and services to secondary, rather than primary, Asian cities. Secondary cities typically cannot afford to prepare for and recover from catastrophic events purportedly caused by climate change, the agency says.”

Tapping into American dollars

The SOW pleads for America’s money because it claims that the funds don’t exist in Asia.

“[The U.S. and other governments must help because] Asia’s secondary cities often lack the human and financial resources, as well as the institutional capacity, to make strategic, climate-resilient investments,” the draft states.

Climate alarmism is used to summons in funding. even though it is not based on science – just conjecture.

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    The Obama spending spree on “environmental ” initiatives is a self serving heist of tax payers money . Obama will no doubt end up in one of the places that is a conduit for save the planet $ cash .
    Is this what hope looks like ?
    The Clinton Foundation model just got blown of the tracks , no wonder the Obama’s have lost hope .
    Drain away Mr. Trump .

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    O’Bama’s parting shot
    In clear demonstration of his hatred of America and its people.
    It matters not.
    Trump can negate it all by mere declaration.

    All legislation that the imposter has signed will be a nullity upon
    proof positive that he has never been an American citizen

    And that will be coming forth once the illegal veils are lifted hiding his past.

    Incredibly, the last lawfully sworn in president has been

    George W Bush

    even though he has not been allowed to wield power for nearly 8 years

    He is still President for no one has been lawfully sworn as his successor.

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