Kerry Says Fighting Global Warming Should Not Be A ‘Partisan Issue’

Kerry on Antarctic boondoggle

Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that fighting global warming should not be a politically partisan issue.

President-elect Donald Trump should keep in mind that nearly every military leader and government official believe that specific actions should be taken to reduce carbon emissions, Kerry told an audience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

“The truth is that climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” he said, referring to the wide array of Washington politicos who feel climate change is an important issue. “It’s an issue that all of us should care about, regardless of political affiliation.”

Trump once described climate change as a Chinese hoax created to hurt American business and vowed to yank the U.S. out of the Paris agreement in 2015. He hedged his bets in December, telling reporters that he was keeping an open mind about pulling out of the agreement.

Kerry also tried to handicap Trump’s ability to pull back on President Barack Obama’s climate policies, telling the Massachusetts audience that the real estate tycoon — now president-elect — could find it difficult to implement his own policies.

He said the president-elect’s environmental cabinet members will find it hard to rollback Obama’s positions, because green energy producers “will continue to create the technological advances that forever revolutionize the way we power our world.”

Obama’s EPA head, Gina McCarthy, said something similar earlier this week, telling agency employees that Trump will “come in here with policies he wants to implement and changes he wants to make,” but most of his objectives will be hampered, she added, by gains made throughout the past few years in green energy.

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    In two weeks anything Kerry has to say will be listened to closely by the plants in his back yard who by the way really appreciate higher levels of CO2 .
    Just a few more sleeps till we don’t have to listen to Gina McCarthy .
    A real win win .
    The “truth ” is the great climate fraud is a partisan issue and it is about to end .All those military leaders were told to sing the scary global warming song or they were
    no longer going to be military leaders . Kerry is so out to lunch and the stunt he pulled
    at the UN on Israel is just one example .
    The $billion dollar catastrophic global hoax is actually very partisan and the Republicans are not about to jump on board a sinking ship.
    The fact the top Democrats final words are about that con game shows why the public ran them off . They can’t blame the Russians for their pursuit of an issue the public ranks below 15 in priorities which Obama claims is the worlds biggest threat .
    Even Hillary couldn’t support that bit of fiction .

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