Kerry Issues Climate Warning: ‘There is No Planet B’

Using Kepler Telescope transit data of planet Using Kepler Telescope transit data of planet “b”, scientists predicted that a second planet “c” about the mass of Saturn orbits the distant star KOI-872.Secretary of State John Kerry continued to beat the drum on the dangers of climate change Friday, noting that “there is no Planet B.” The secretary made the remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom David Saperstein. He drew a religious connection to the issue of climate change, saying that “when it comes to the fundamental health of Earth, folks, we’d better stick to the Creator’s original plan.” 

Kerry said he and Saperstein had worked together on a number of issues in the past thirty years, including climate change:

Together we got behind the CHIPS legislation for children’s health care. We pushed for the proposed Workplace Religious Freedom Act, which unfortunately never passed. We were partners in the struggle to help veterans who had been affected by Agent Orange. And we have been allies in trying to awaken the world to the dangers of climate change ‚Äì and let me just say that when it comes to the fundamental health of Earth, folks, we’d better stick to the Creator’s original plan, because there is no Planet B. (Applause.)

The “no Planet B” line is not original with Kerry. The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon recently used it at September’s UN climate summit in New York where he told reporters, “There is no Plan B because we do not have planet B.” However, the “Planet B” idea predates Ban Ki-moon’s usage; there are t-shirts, a bookFacebook pages, and even a YouTube video

It’s unclear exactly where the phrase originated, but press reports first begin mentioning the phrase used on signs at climate change rallies beginning in Copenhagen in 2009.