Jonah and Ramesh Are Causing the Arctic to Melt

arctic-polar-bearsI call it global warming hysteria. You know what I mean, terror stories about how we are DESTROYING THE PLANET by driving cars and air conditioning our homes.

Now, it gets personal. A new study accuses each and every one of us for causing 600 square feet of arctic ice to “vanish” each year. Between Jonah and Ramesh, that’s a small house sized bit of sea ice melted each year! From the USA Today story:

Think you aren’t personally responsible for climate change? Think again. The average American causes about 600 square feet of Arctic sea ice to vanish each year, according to a study released Thursday, and something as simple as your summer road trip may be to blame.

The study, the first to provide this level of detail about the link between carbon pollution and Arctic ice, shows how human carbon emissions are playing a devastating role. The study found that summer Arctic sea ice will be gone in 30 years — and that means more volatile weather patterns — unless carbon emissions are reduced rapidly.

Sea ice is frozen ocean water that melts each summer, then refreezes each winter. Its summertime area has been shrinking each year by nearly 34,000 square miles, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The study, which combined observations, statistics and dozens of computer models, appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Science.

Ah, the dreaded computer models.

Here’s the thing: Al Gore predicted the dreaded arctic summer ice disappearing act would occur by 2014.

A few years ago–just before snow choked England–scientists said UK children would not know freezing conditions.

The UN once lied–it acknowledged–that there would be no glaciers left in the Himalayas by 2034.

Global warming hysterics around the world don’t act at all like they believe their life’s activities are causing the arctic to melt in the way they conduct their own lives.

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    I’m not sure exactly how they calculated this, but someone should apply the same calculation to Leonardo DiCaprio’s carbon footprint. I wonder how many acres of ice melt he personally is responsible for causing.

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    “They” calculated this using the same invalidated models that have never made even a single skillful prediction. If you go by observations, his “carbon footprint” is only melting the ice he puts in his drinks… Which could very well be measured in cubic miles.

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