Is the Global Warming Debate Over?

earth-sunOne of the more laughable aspects of global warming alarmism is the constant claim that the debate about the hysterics’ claims is over. In fact, the Earth’s climate is so poorly understood that it is more accurate to say that the debate has barely begun.

But there are some things we know. For example: the increase in Earth’s temperature resulting from a doubling of CO2, based on any recognized energy calculation, is less than one degree Centigrade. Almost everyone agrees that this slight increase would be good. So how do the alarmists try to scare us? They posit various positive feedbacks that turn one degree into three to six degrees.

Are these feedbacks proven? Of course not. They are simply assumed. In fact, some are clearly false. As far as we know, the net feedbacks will be negative, not positive.

If you want to get a sense of how vigorous the scientific debate over feedbacks is, check out this post at Watts Up With That, as well as the comments. Many engineers weigh in, with arguments about electrical engineering that I can’t begin to referee. The only clunker is a lefty who jumped in with the first comment‚Äìbased on a post at Think Progress!‚Äìand was then routed.

Is the debate over catastrophic anthropogenic global warming over? In one sense, it is. One thing we know for sure is that the models that are the sole support for alarmism are wrong. The substantial heating they projected has failed to materialize. Having been falsified by observation, we know that they are no good. The alarmists will have to come up with something better than these discredited models if they want to convince the rest of us. Meanwhile, any comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s climate is very far off.


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    The global warming debate never began primarily because the alarmist doomsayers never proffered an hypothesis.
    They have never submitted anything but their fantastic conclusions.
    To them, rhetorical argumentation proceeds ass-backwardly.

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    The debate is not about whether the earth warms or cools there is plenty of evidence to prove that . So we can all agree climate changes but as we know that isn’t really what the scary global warming promoters are actually trying to sell . They aren’t even trying to sell the earth has a fever anymore in part because their own alleged vidence ,climate models, have turned out to be mann made up crap . Hence the name change to something so vague as to be unassailable .
    Jaypee is right . The scam promoters picked the wrong trace gas . CO2 in abundance is far more beneficial to the plant than almost anything else . you have to hand it to them though . Conning some in the world that something essential to life is supposed to be bad . That takes a real belief system that people are so scientifically illiterate they would buy the con and many did .
    Bottom line it’s been warming along time and that is a very good thing . Even with some added human contribution which can’t be anything but good .
    When the next ice age rolls around the human contribution of CO2 will not even be a speed bump to stop that trend .

    Enjoy the warming while it lasts but wake up and quit wasting $$Trillions on the
    scam . All the corporate welfare leeches will just have to find something else
    and governments can try to solve some real problems for a change .

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