Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo issues death wish to Rush Limbaugh – Round up of celeb ‘death wish’ calls

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo has issued a death wish for conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Ruffalo urged a “gofund me campaign” to “fly Rush Limbaugh to Hurricane Irma!”

Ruffalo’s death wish for Limbaugh follows a long line of climate activists who have issued similar calls for harm to come to climate skeptics. See:

2017: Left-Wing Website Hoped Hurricane Irma Would ‘F*ck Up’ Trump’s Mansion

2016: Arnold Schwarzenegger again threatens climate skeptics: ‘I would like to strap their mouth to the exhaust pipe of a truck — turn on the engine’ -Terminator wants to Terminate skeptics

2014: Death Wish: Warmist Greg Blanchette: ‘I kind of hope N. America gets its ass kicked this hurricane season. It would motivate us on climate action’

DEATH WISH: Flashback 2009: Nobel-Winning Warmist Economist Thomas Schelling ‘Wished’ for ‘tornadoes’ and ‘a lot of horrid things’ to convince Americans of climate threat!

2010: DEATH WISH: Warmist Michael Tomasky admits he’s cheering for more natural disasters to convince people of man-made global warming!

Warmist’s Death Wish: ‘I will probably enjoy a drink of expensive scotch when Marc Morano, James Inhofe, and Steve Milloy kick the bucket’

2016 Death Wish: NYT Writer Calls for A ‘Natural Disaster’ in GOP States to ‘Unify’ After Clinton Win 

And if the weather does not kill, just use a weapon! See: ‘We could shoot him’ – Sir David Attenborough proposes shooting Trump to save climate in 2016 – ‘It’s not a bad idea’

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But these hurricanes cannot be linked scientifically to “global warming” See: Climate Depot’s point-by-point rebuttal to warmist claims on extreme weather events

Despite that, Actor Ruffalo also urged Americans to “direct some of your rage and loss” at “climate change deniers like [EPA Chief] Scott Pruitt.”

Ruffalo has also made similar climate claims: See: Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo: ‘Trump will have the death of whole nations on his hands’

2014: Ruffalo: Questioning Gore & DiCaprio’s carbon footprint ‘defies the spirit’ of the climate march – ‘That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today’

Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo – Don’t make me angry: ‘Anyone who attacks Leonardo DiCaprio is either a coward or an ideologue’

Julie Kelly writing in American Greatness commented:

One could write this off as just another emotional rant from an uneducated Hollywood celebrity. But Ruffalo has quite a following, including 3.4 million Twitter followers and the media’s admiration. So it is not without consequence when the actor invites his minions to attack a Trump Administration cabinet official and anyone deemed a climate change denier.

Considering one of Ruffalo’s fellow Bernie Bros tried to assassinate several Republican congressmen earlier this summer, nearly killing one of them, it’s outrageous for a top celebrity activist to fan the flames in this kind of political environment. It’s also a bit ironic since he routinely tweets about love, compassion, and tolerance.

But Ruffalo also claimed that GOP “deniers” will be “in part responsible for these disasters going forward.”

Read more at Climate Depot

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