Huffington Post openly supports lying to promote global warming

goreThe Huffington Post is openly championing the cause of lying to the American people about global warming. As noted by the Daily Caller on Wednesday, writer Xavier Toby recently called on journalists to deliberately misinform the public into supporting the left’s hysterical anti-science global warming crusade.

Complaining about how wildly unpopular this extremist, economy-killing environmental agenda is among voters, Toby began the article by petulantly sniveling that the term “climate change” should be replaced with “Bieber Kardashian Sex Tape,” so that the regular Americans who liberals so condescendingly trash and despise at every turn can be lured into caring about it.

As with most vindictive emotional tantrums from elitist liberal snobs against thinking, mainstream adults, this was about lashing out with off-topic personal smears (failing to parrot our debunked talking points means you must be stupid or paid off) while completely avoiding actual debate and refuting nothing that has been presented—the signature of a scaremongering demagogue.

He then went on to insist that we are all going to be exterminated by “catastrophic climate change”—the embarrassing, ultra-hysterical Al Gore branch of this alarmist Luddite cult utterly rejected by experts on both sides of this issue—and elaborated on whether the inferior peasant masses (those who actually question liberal propaganda) could somehow be enlightened into surrendering their rights and liberties to Constitution-shredding nanny state tyrants if liberals simply re-branded their discredited product.

Rather than introducing any substantive analysis of the issue whatsoever, he predictably continued dragging out this mindless, arrogant posturing (what liberals mistake for debating) and proposed changing the name to “extreme disasters happening right now,” “massive worldwide death machine,” or “crazy killer weather” to get the unsophisticated peons to comprehend it.

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