How Can So Many World Leaders Be So Wrong?

cartoonIn a recent Daily Caller article, Michael Bastach took note of “25 Years of predicting The Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’.” This is the message that the Earth is warming rapidly and, if we don’t abandon the use of fossil fuels for power, it will arrive to wreak destruction on the human race and all life on the planet.

It is astounding how many past and present world leaders are telling everyone this despite the total lack of any real science, nor any actual warming—the Earth has been in a natural cooling cycle since 1997!

At the heart of the global warming—now called climate change—“crisis” has been the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that has been issuing apocalyptic predictions since its inception in 1988. None of its predictions have come true. How could they, based as they are on the false science of computer models, not that based on observable climate events and trends?

To this day our own government through its meteorological agencies has been caught manipulating the data gathered over the years to conform with the “warming” scenario. The worst has been the Environmental Protection Agency which is engaged in an effort to shut down coal-fired utilities and access to every other energy source on which we depend to power the nation.

Despite this national and international effort, mostly likely based on the liberal ideology that there are too many humans on the plant and dramatic ways must be found to reduce that number. In the past these anti-humanity advocates could depend on famine, disease and wars to kill off millions, but in the modern world that has become less of a threat.

One libertarian think tank, the Heartland Institute, has been leading the battle against the global warming/climate change hoax for a decade. As a Heartland policy advisor I have had a front row seat. In June, Heartland will sponsor the Tenth International Conference on Climate Change bringing together some of the world’s leading scientists to recommend that it is time for Congress to “take a fresh look at climate science”, “explore better science-based policies for energy and the environment”, and, bluntly stated, to “start over on the question of global warming?”

It did not surprise me to learn that Heartland had dispatched staff to Rome when the Pope announced he too was joining the “climate change” advocates despite its lack of any basis in science. The group garnered tons of international media coverage by simply presenting the truth. You can find out more about them here,  It didn’t take long for Jeffrey Sachs, a Columbia University professor and ‘special advisor” to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, to write a commentary condemning global warming “deniers” that appeared on a Catholic website called Pewsitter.

Sachs took particular aim at The Heartland Institute and, despite not attending its Rome press conference or any of the presentations the experts provided, did not hesitate to identify Heartland as having been supported for years by the Koch brothers, known for the support of conservative groups and causes.

Joseph Bast, Heartland president, does not let such cheap shots pass by. “The Heartland Instituter has received just $25,000 from a single organization, a charitable foundation affiliated with the Koch brothers during the past 15 years. Our annual budget is approximately $7 million. Even that small gift was earmarked for our work on health care reform, not global warming. Why does Sachs mention the ‘Koch brothers’ unless his intention is to smear an independent organization by falsely implying a much larger or somehow Improper  level of support from some singularly unpopular billionaires?”

Bast got to the heart of the war being perpetrated by the either misinformed or deliberately lying world leaders of the climate change hoax. “The dishonesty of Sachs’ reference to The Heartland Institute would be startling, coming from a person of Sachs’ stature, if this sort of misrepresentation of facts weren’t so common in the debate over climate change. President Obama sets the tone. Comparing global warming realists to members of the ‘flat earth society’ and rather ominously calling on his supporters to ‘hold climate change denier’s feet to the fire.’”

“Sachs has had a long and distinguished career as an academic and in various government agencies,” said Bast, “but on this issue he is letting his liberal ideology cloud his judgement. His short essay reveals a disturbing lack of knowledge about climate science and compassion toward the billions of people in the world who will be harmed by the UN’s plans to make energy more expensive and less reliable.”

“Sachs ends his essay with a call on people of all faiths to ‘fulfill our moral responsibilities to humanity and the future of Earth.’ That responsibility starts with truth-telling. Sachs and his colleagues on the left haven’t reach the starting line yet.”

It doesn’t matter if it is the Pope, the President of the United States, or the UN Secretary General if the assertion that the Earth is warming when it is not or that coal, oil and natural gas must be abandoned to “save the Earth.” Whether from ignorance or a dark hidden agenda, the whole of the global warming/climate change is aimed at harming billions, many of whom need the power that this hoax would deny to everyone.


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    Excellent question …How Could So Many World Leaders Be Wrong ?

    Governments love new tax sources especially if they don’t come with a political cost . Pretend global warming seemed to meet the criteria and the opportunity to be seen as a save the planet super hero was far to hard to resist .

    The media could deflect their guilt for massacring forests to sell their product
    by piling on the global warming propaganda. Hopefully they could produce their product cheaper if the public was willing to fork over the same cash to get the electronic version . A real win win . All they needed was for the public to be fed a constant global warming guilt trip and they could exit print media with a round of applause and fatter earnings .

    Then there is the greenie groups who discovered their piggy banks over flowing with the cash from the global warming hustle .

    A lot of interests (excluding most of the general public ) had to align and they did .

    The problem was it was all built on a lie that has become an increasing in defendable costly joke with each passing week .

    Some politicians are trying to get ahead of the global warming Titanic before it goes down but down it is going .

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    marc rennard


    Mr Caruba, you have written an article that sounds well-informed on the face of it but in actuality is a steaming pile of sophomoric idiocy. There is vast data affirming the reality of a planet in meltdown, historically unprecedented warming and countless environmental feedback loops all leading us and all living things to an impossible future. Not once did you mention the elephant in the room: GEOENGINEERING! To pretend to understand anything at all about the state of the earth’s biosphere without first acknowledging geoengineering’s massive role in the equation is ludicrous. You and your “hoax” allegations are the real hoax here.

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      Time to crawl back under your rock, Marc. You claim to speak of science, yet know nothing of it. In spite of the pretentious verbosity, you and your fellow blind faith fanatics cannot demonstrate that there is a Greenhouse Effect.

      Anthropogenic Global Warming, Climate Change and Climate Crisis are meaningless and without foundation because


      as described by the


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      29 Billion dollars a year buy’s a lot of wrong.

      What vast data marc? Invalidated Models and fiddled climate records?

      What feedback loops? Those that were programed into all of the failed models? Feedback loops that were refuted by observations?
      “Theory” vs Reality? Who wins?

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    marc rennard

    Really … a “planet melt down “. No warming in 18 years while CO2 has increased .

    When can we expect your predicted meltdown ? Sounds like you subscribe to the Al Gore ice free Arctic that was supposed to happen but nature wouldn’t play ball …. again .

    The reason global warming needed a name change was because all the failed predictions of doom and gloom were just to hard to hid from . Time for a rebrand
    in mid crisis promotion to the lovely catch all phrase Climate Change .

    After all who could deny climate changes ?

    So what steps have you taken marc rennard to live a few minutes longer when the planet melts down ?

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