dicaprio-instagramSURPRISE! Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Global Warming’ Org Embezzling Billions!

Our favorite hypocritical Hollywood celebrity posts have to do with the environment, and our favorite hypocritical celebrity when it comes to the environment is former “Growing Pains” star Leonardo DiCaprio (see Leonardo DiCaprio Flies To Accept Environmental Award in Private Jet. Yes Really… and Dumbass DiCaprio Accuses Republicans of Being “Anti-Science.” Misses Huge Irony…).

So when you wake up in the morning an see that Leo’s eco-foundation is embroiled in a $3,000,000,000.00 money laundering scam…

Leonardo DiCaprio was preparing to host one of the glitziest charitable events of the year: the third annual fundraiser for his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Earlier that same day, under far less glamorous auspices half a world away, the U.S. Department of Justice was filing a complaint with the U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles that suggested the recent Oscar winner is a bit player in the planet’s largest embezzlement case, totaling more than $3 billion siphoned from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund called 1MDB.


While the complaint does not target DiCaprio — he’s referred to twice in the 136-page document and only as “Hollywood Actor 1” — the scandal shines an unfamiliar light on the charitable foundation of the most powerful actor in Hollywood thanks to the way the LDF has benefited directly from DiCaprio’s relationship with key figures in the saga. And much like the gala in St. Tropez, with its expressions of one-percenter excess ostensibly in support of saving the environment (guests helicoptering in to dine on whole sea bass after watching a short film about the dangers of overfishing), a closer look at the LDF itself raises questions about its ties to the 1MDB players as well as the lack of transparency often required (or offered in this case) for the specific structure the actor has chosen for his endeavor.

First off, kudos to the Hollywood Reporters for even scoring points off the hypocrisy, because the line about the whole sea bass throws some quality shade.


Yes, I realize these gifs are all of Leo. Sometimes life offers you wonderful little presents, wrapped nicely in irony. We take them when we can.

But more importantly, Leo’s global warming money scandal is textbook leftism. The bleeding hearts, especially the rich, elitist bleeding hearts, claim they are “helping the little guy” by expecting, nay lecturing, the little guy to make sacrifices. Those sacrifices being: drive a smaller car, don’t use plastic bags, feel constant guilt over humanity’s supposed disastrous impact on Mother Earth, and act like a general douche wherever you go. Yes, I’m looking at you rude Prius drivers with your #ImWithHer bumperstickers. You know who you are. Feel shame. Feel great shame.

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    So is the USA Government going after the proceeds of crime ? Dirty money given to film producers and washed at the box office to be Hollywood clean or are they just doing the symbolic crap like selling jets and condo’s ?

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