Here’s A Good Job For Vatican Climate Conference Attendees

ice breakerThe Al Gore Effect — the interruption or cancelation of global warming activist rallies and climate change conferences due to excessive cold or snow, or both — has stopped a Canadian global warming research vessel that was headed to North Baffin Bay.

The CCGS Amundsen, which spends it summers hauling around ArcticNet scientists, wasn’t turned away because it couldn’t get through sea ice. The ice-breaker-by-winter was “rerouted to escort commercial ships en route to resupply communities in Northern Quebec on the eastern side of Hudson Bay,” says the CBC News.

But that’s only part of the story. Johnny Leclair, assistant commissioner for the Canadian Coast Guard, told the CBC that the conditions in the area are the worst he’s seen in 20 years.

If this seems familiar, remember that this sort of thing has has happened before. In December 2013, a climate change expedition got stuck in an Antarctic ice sheet that was so thick and the weather so harsh that the first two attempts to rescue the team failed.

The next time this happens — and it will — rather than dispatch an ice breaker, authorities should send in all those “leaders” who have been gabbing for days at the Vatican climate change conference and make them push. It would be a better expenditure of their time and effort.


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    Other than Papa Franny pitching for a Nobel Peace Prize, what the %@#$*^ is the Vatican holding a conference for ?

    This isn’t the Solvay Institute updated 100 years. This is a pure political floor show to boost Franny’s candidacy.

    In only two successions, the Papacy has reduced itself to materialist gutter trash.

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    They are desperate for cash and to restock followers . A marriage of convenience . After all, if the Pope claims the earth has a fever he might even trump big Al who is busy waiting for that ice free Arctic summer some no forgotten scientist had a vision about .

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    Really, you can’t make this stuff up! The climate left keeps opening doors into their own faces.

    I just wish some of these “political” scientists could end up stranded for months and eating penguins like the Shackleton expedition. They could keep each other entertained by telling hero tales of Al Gore…

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    Pete West


    …and how likely is it that this information will appear on any world news….not at all, because it doesn’t fit in with the lies we’ve been told!

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