Here’s Why Global Warming Alarmists Don’t Talk About Greenland

Colorful houses make up the town of Kulusuk in Southeast Greenland.Climate scientists, environmentalists and politicians worried about man-made global warming sounded the alarm this year when Arctic sea ice levels hit their lowest extent on record for March. Some even warned this could signal an ice-free north pole this summer, or in the near future.

But alarmists have been neglecting an inconvenient fact about the polar region: Greenland is seeing healthy levels of ice and record cold temperatures over parts of the polar island.

Northeast Greenland saw its coldest May on record since measurements started back in 1949, and the island as a whole is colder than normal. Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, has also seen its coldest year on record, according to science blogger Steven Goddard.

Greenland is also seeing much less ice melt than normal, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute. Basically, Greenland’s ice sheet has accumulated a lot of ice, but seen little melting this year.


Source: Danish Meteorological Institute

Danish Meteorological Institute data shows Greenland is accumulating more ice than normal, based on the mean accumulation from 1990 to 2013. On net, Greenland seems to have gotten a lot more ice this year.

accumulated smb

Source: Danish Meteorological Institute


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    More ice doesn’t align with the global warming propaganda so it is not reported .

    Whip up some scary Greenland is melting storey and watch how fast that is made front page .

    Most USA papers would wait until icebergs are floating under the Golden Gate Bridge before they could bring themselves to reporting anything contrary to the global warming hustle .

    That is why they are the ones with the shrinking bottom line and vanishing credibility .

    How is that ice free Arctic doing ?

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    You don’t have to go to Greenland. Visit anywhere in the upper Midwest or the Northeast. Here in Wisconsin it seems each winter comes earlier, hits harder, and last longer, and I think Boston may still be digging out…

    It’s always somewhere else. Always over the horizon, where ice caps are melting and terrible heat is at historic and unrelenting levels. We’re all just too stupid, ignorant, and unaware. If we see it in our own back yards it’s simply anecdotal, but if an alarmist with an agenda tells us that a model says the sky is falling and temperatures are actually rising we dare not question their superior wisdom.

    The emperor wears no clothes…

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    True True . Most of the population has tuned this Democrat scam out long ago for good reason .

    Does Boston feel like it is coming down with a fever ? Is the Arctic ice free ? What happened to the hurricanes supposed increase in frequency ?

    All chick little scary global warming propaganda designed to loosen up tax payers wallets and increase government dependence.

    Their distain and arrogance towards the general public is the only legacy these clowns will leave in their wake .

    The Liberals in Canada tried shoving
    the scam on the public and got decimated at the polls .

    Let’s see the Democrats run on scary global warming (climate change )
    and see what the public appetite is for that scam after 10 years of exaggerated lying .

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