Health Care or Climate Change?

hospitalClick image for more informationCCD Editor’s Note: If you see a striking similarity to what is happening in the United States to what the status quo is in Canada, you’d be right on the money. The Obama administration has made it clear the Number One threat facing the United States is climate change, not terrorism, not our flailing socialistic healthcare system, not even ISIS. Donna Laframboise describes how her government is giving short shrift to Canada’s citizenry and prioritizing climate change over people’s lives.

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I reside in Ontario – Canada’s most populous province. The 13.5 million people who live here comprise 38.5 percent of this nation’s population.

Last week, a hospital social worker advised me that Ontario hospitals are in “crisis.” Large numbers of in-patients are elderly people who should be in nursing homes, but the nursing homes are already full, with waiting lists three to five years long.

As a result, an elderly relative of mine is going to be transferred to the only nursing home bed available. It’s located 140 kilometers (90 miles) distant from his home, in a community of less than 1,000 people.

That relative knows no one in the community in which he will spend an unknown number of months waiting for a nursing home bed closer to home. In order for his geographically nearest relations to visit him, they will need to drive 2+ hours in each direction. It is possible he will breathe his last in that remote facility.

Yet the same week I learned how ill-equipped we are to care for our aging population, my provincial government launched a 45-day public review period connected to a new climate change discussion paper. The government web page begins thus:

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is engaging the people, businesses and communities of Ontario in a dialogue on climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering strong economic growth.

That feedback will help inform a strategy and action plan to be announced later this year. [bold added]

We have a severe health care crisis on our hands. Here and now, involving some of society’s most vulnerable members. But rather than focusing on that crisis, my government thinks climate change is the defining issue of our time.

My government is going to develop an action plan. It’s going to distribute glossy publications, hold press conferences, and draft new laws and regulations that will, no doubt, lead to the disappearance of even more manufacturing jobs. Then it’s going to pat itself on the back and preen about how green it is.

All in anticipation of a hypothetical climate crisis that is unlikely to seriously effect anyone in this province for decades to come.

The money that will be lavished on this file won’t do a thing to alleviate our nursing home shortage. Nor will it make any difference to the climate. We 13 million people represent less than one quarter of one percent of the world’s population. Every one of us could drastically curb our CO2 emissions by turning off our heat in this sub-zero weather and never using a car again – but it still wouldn’t matter.

I want my government to concentrate on things for which it is directly responsible. After it has addressed the nursing home shortage, balanced the budget, and vanquished our $300 billion debt, I might not mind so much if it turns its attention to climate change.

Until then, how dare it behave as if a hypothetical threat is more important than the well-being of my elderly relative.

A government that has already declared climate change to be the defining issue is unlikely to be receptive to public input that thinks otherwise. Nevertheless, Ontario residents have until March 29th to submit comments online here about what should be done about climate change (full details here).

Make no mistake. Green activists will express their point-of-view during this process. If the rest of us remain silent, our government will find it easy to pretend our perspective doesn’t exist.


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    The Ontario government is developing a habit of major policy blunders ie. there stupid meddling in and outright political screw ups in energy policy that has cost customers $Billions .
    One of the reasons Ontario achieved a good quality of life was it had a strong viable manufacturing sector . If they can’t get the priorities straight other countries will be more than happy to have the jobs.

    The only thing that makes “climate change the “defining issue of our time “is that is the biggest scam in decades .

    When people are asked to rank priorities
    global warming (rebranded climate change ..because who could argue the climate doesn’t change ) is at the bottom of the list around 20th .

    When a government like Ontario states .. climate change is ” the defining issue of our time” they demonstrate how out of touch they are and incapable of solving real problems .

    There campaign is nothing more than a way to squeeze more money out of the general public in a new way because their other taxes and fees are maxed out politically .

    I hope the people of Ontario tell these clowns to shove their “defining issue” .

    If the government of Ontario actually consulted with the people instead of getting all preachy they might earn back some respect .
    Expect a carbon tax Ontario in the very
    near future that is what this is all about .

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    Captain Dave


    Another frustrating issue is that Canada operates a system whereby the “poorer” (have not) provinces receive payments from the “richer” (have) provinces. Until recently, Ontario was a “have” province and wanted to shut the program down. Now that it is a “have not” province, it wants its rewards increased. The “have” provinces make most of their revenue from fossil fuels.

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    You are right Captain Dave, reality can focus the mind .Obviously the Ontario government
    hasn’t quite clued into how far they have fallen and now they invent some new goofy
    issue of our time .

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