Have climate alarmists oversold the panic? History shows why skeptics are right

John Robson

(h/t amirlach) How can a knowledge of history dispel climate alarmist scaremongering? That was the subject of Rebel historian John Robson‘s talk last week at a Freedom Talk conference.

This conference hosted by the Economic Education Association, brings people from all across the country together every year and was chaired by Danny Hozak.

John Robson’s talk was so compelling, I asked him to explain some of the misconceptions on climate change so I could share them with Rebel viewers.

Watch my interview with John as he explains why the loud minority is winning the climate change conversation, how knowing the history of climate will turn most people into skeptics, and his plans for a new documentary on the subject.

If you’re interested in helping John fund his documentary, you can visit his website at www.thejohnrobson.com where you’ll find more information as well as a link to his Kickstarter campaign to fund this important work.

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    I disagree that the “loud” minority is winning, every poll shows this is simply not the case, but John lays it out in very concise and logical way.

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    R. Johnson


    The “fight against climate change” is a myth. Imitation science via flawed models has fed the catastrophe scenarios for years. Who funds this circus? Your fine government with your tax dollars!
    Billions of dollars are wasted every year on this scam; that’s all it is–a scam!

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