GWPF Welcomes Non-Binding And Toothless Un Climate Deal*)

cop21Dr Peiser said:

“The Paris agreement is another acknowledgement of international reality. The deal is further proof, if any was needed, that the developing world will not agree to any legally binding caps, never mind reductions of their CO2 emissions.”

“As seasoned observers predicted, the Paris deal is based on a voluntary basis which allows nations to set their own voluntary CO2 targets and policies without any legally binding caps or international oversight.”

“In contrast to the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris deal removes all legal obligations for governments to cap or reduce CO2 emissions. This voluntary agreement also removes the mad rush into unrealistic decarbonisation policies that are both economically and politically unsustainable.”

Lord Nigel Lawson, Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Forum, added:

“The UK’s unilateral Climate Change Act is forcing British industry and British households to suffer an excessively high cost of electricity to no purpose. Following Paris, it is clearer than ever that the Act should be suspended until such time as a binding global agreement has been secured.”

*) We would like to apologise to editors and correspondents as this is exactly the same statement we issued a year ago, with the sole change of Paris for Lima; but since there has been no substantive change in the COP21 deal there is no change in our assessment.

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    It isn’t a climate deal it’s a money transfer for nothing and a massive payoff to who moves and administers the money .
    It’s the failed UN food for oil program fraud on steroids .

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    So let’s get this straight ,until the last two weeks ,
    no one knew that the countries wishing to be the beneficiaries of most of the $100 Billion dollar scam were actually intending to do nothing or give up anything in exchange for playing their role in validating the sting ?

    Give us $100 billion and we will continue to play along and by the way you can stuff your terms .
    This deal was done before the all expenses save the world holiday even started .

    That is why Hansen and others who have been used now know the truth and are rightfully pissed off .
    They who are true believers realize the jig is up and the full extent of the scam is just too hard to ignore . How does it feel to know your efforts just lined the pockets of banks , corrupt politicians and will do absolutely nothing to stop the earth’s fever .

    Climate scientists thanks for playing your role
    but the show is over . You have made a small number of people even richer .

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