Guv Brown uses “Climate Change” to Create Totalitarian State—Government in Total Charge of Your Life!!

Jerry Brown is your old-fashioned, European totalitarian, a dictator that does not believe in freedom. He is using as the excuse to control your life the canard of “Climate Change”, the scam that made Al Gore one of the richest men in America and killed the hopes and dreams of tens of millions American. What does Brown want to do?

California Governor Brown’s SB 32 law requiring the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels 40% below levels measured in 1990 is necessitating the development of massive numbers of new regulations and policy that will allow the state government to control and dictate virtually every aspect of Californian’s lives including:

  • where and how they can live,

  • what kind of jobs and businesses they can work in,

  • what kind of housing they can have,

  • what kind of car they can drive (if any),

  • how many miles can they drive,

  • what kind of public transportation they must use,

  • how many times they must walk and bicycle,

  • how much and what kind of energy they can use,

  • what kind and how food can be farmed,”

Can you think of any reason to work, get an education, think?  This is a Fascist/totalitarian utopia—but who will pay for it?  Like the Utopian colonies in the 19th century, it will fail since there is no reason to work or create—land will go fallow, new businesses will not start, people will no longer travel, wonderful food not cooked—it will be little different than a Soviet prison camp—all using climate change as the excuse to imprison a whole society.  Ready for it?

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    Spurwing Plover


    The idiots who were stupid enough to reelected Moonbeam Brown let them pay the price for their stupidity their chicken have come home to roost and their not leaving

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    Moonbeam Brown should be forbidden from retiring and forced to unwind the colossal
    fiscal rain wreck that he and the eco-communists in California are responsible for .
    What happens when the tax paying business exit becomes an avalanche ?
    What happens when all those government pensions and their grossly over inflated expected returns are reduced to half what people were promised ?

    A bit of global warming will be a blessing for those shipped off to tent cities .

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    Not European Totalitarianism but Lenin, Mao, Casto and Pol Pot Communism all in one utopian package.

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    ” Cherry ” Braun ( Brown ) revealing what gutter trash scum he is.
    The American Communist Party
    Those who currently call themselves


    Don’t worry Cherry,
    Your father would be proud.

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    Who are the enablers buying the bonds (debt) of California and Ontario? As the credit ratings are downgraded, the risk rewards (interest paid) go up. Eventually it stops when these governments can’t pay the credit card-like rates because their policies kill their economies . Federal bailouts are needed, like Greece needed a bailout from the EU. One of these jurisdictions, someday, will not get that lifeline. Who will it be? A Venezuela in the USA?

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    David Lewis


    A 40 percent decrease of emissions based on 1990 levels is so drastic the measure on this list would definitely be needed. However, this list is probably incomplete. Consider additional measures.

    A heating police who would go around in winter and use infrared to measure the internal temperatures of homes. Anyone with a home that was too warm would get a big fine.

    Limitations on clothes and other good that could be purchased because producing them creates emission, and even if the emissions wouldn’t be in California, transporting them there would be.

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    R. Johnson


    Gov Moonbeam and his democrat comrades govern as though California is a sovereign nation. However, they have ignored one important point; California can’t print money. Super high taxes and benefits (not rights) like single payer healthcare will kill their economy. The madness in any totalitarian’s method is creating mass dependency on the state; doesn’t matter if the method is taxes, laws, regulations or just plain fear. Eventually, it will be very painful for the people to escape the hole Gov Brown has fashioned.

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