Greens vow to fight Exxon after defeats

exxon mobilEnvironmental groups are vowing to increase the pressure on Exxon Mobil and its allies, despite a string of defeats Wednesday.

Shareholders at the country’s largest oil company rejected a number of resolutions to make climate change part of the company’s business model.

The climate advocates say they won’t back down from the challenge, which they say now includes Exxon supporters in Congress looking to block them from pushing a global warming agenda.

“The recommendation by Exxon’s board to outright reject every single climate resolution from shareholders sends an incontestable signal to investors: it’s due time to divest from Exxon’s deception,” said May Boeve, executive director of the group, a leading proponent of the Keep it in the Ground campaign and movement for pension funds, schools and others to divest from investments in fossil fuels. Many scientists blame the greenhouse gases emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, such as crude oil and coal, for man-made climate change.

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    David Lewis


    I agree with the activists that Exxon-Mobil knew about the threat of climate change decades ago. However, then as now, there is no real threat from climate change other than the politics.

    The activists should take note that is the Shareholders who rejected their demands. These are owners and ultimate authority in any company. It is unreasonable to expect the board of directors to go against the will of the Shareholders.

    I have seen this tactic before. In the 1960 to 1970 the United Farm Workers in California organized a boycott of Safeway and appealed for pubic support. I never understood this since their people didn’t work for Safeway. Anyway, the tactic was to try to take down the biggest player in the field and everyone else will give up. That is tactic the activists are trying with Exxon-Mobil. They don’t have a valid case so it will not work.

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    The activists know as soon as they attack the users of fossil fuels instead of the producers of legal energy sources their donations will disappear faster than Al Gores ice free Arctic .

    They are not about to bite the wallets that feed them . Self dealing and hypocrisy all the way .

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