Green Weenie of the Week: He’s Baaack!

Gore at Sundance

I had thought that forever more Al Gore would be ineligible to win another of Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Awards, since he already has lifetime achievement awards in weeniedom from the Academy of Motion Pictures and the Nobel Self-Congratulation Committee. But no—even Gore has found a way to snag another one.

You may have heard that Gore is coming out soon with a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, and The Independent reports that on a recent visit to London Gore blamed climate change for. . . Brexit! Now if this is true it would be one more reason to be in favor of global warming, but this is just another example of the non-falsifiability of climate change, and a measure of the desperation of the climatistas. The article has a number of Gore-howls that deserve a little commentary:

Mr Gore, whose new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Poweris due out in the UK in August, told an audience at the Advertising Week Europe event in London: “This collision between the power of industrial civilisation and the surprising fragility of the Earth’s ecosystem now poses a great danger that could even threaten the future of human civilisation itself.

Now, you can count me among the people who think “industrial civilisation” is the greatest achievement of humanity, as it has enabled a vast increase in lifespan, and empowered billions of people to emerge from abject poverty. And the use of hydrocarbon energy on a mass scale was the key ingredient in this progress. Even if you credit the climate change hypothesis, the tradeoffs are, and will remain overwhelmingly positive.

But from here Gore repeats the claim that climate change is responsible for the civil war in Syria (as though everyone in the Middle East got along just fine before climate change showed up an started shouting “allahu akbar!”). This claim is especially fun:

“One of the lines of investigation [scientists] have been pursuing has led them to the conclusion that significant areas of the Middle East and North Africa are in danger of becoming uninhabitable.”

Funny how Israel is never mentioned as one of the areas at risk of becoming “uninhabitable.” Wonder why that might be?

I’m really starting to think that the electoral college is not merely a clever invention of the founders, but most likely an act of Divine Providence.

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    Let’s not forget Mini-Al ,the flood flogger , for a Green Weenie prize .
    “one of “the lines of investigation ” .. just love the weasel words .
    Guess the ice free Arctic and the earth has a fever have bit him in the ass just a little too much .
    Any warming we do get will do more good than harm in any event . So what if Qatar
    goes from 120F to 122 F . Hot is hot . But much of the world will be far better off if some how humans were setting the earths thermostat which we never will .
    Al Gore is trying to sell sand to Arabs and the climate Armageddon boggie man has been exposed as a big expensive joke .

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    Edmonton Al


    Big Albert looks like he was up too late sampling the contents of the mini bar in his hotel room…. ;^D

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    Al just can’t resist the circle of gratification, AKA the eco-left circle (twerk).

    He believes that if he can keep heaping enough phony awards on himself it will overshadow his failed predictions and billion dollar fleecing schemes.

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