Green Tyranny with John Stossel

Stossel shows how the EPA has been caught colluding with environmental activists.Stossel shows how the EPA has been caught colluding with environmental activists. And vice versa.One can love nature but still hate the tyranny the green movement imposes.

SHUTTING DOWN PROGRESS: America is blessed with abundant resources but cursed with boneheaded regulators. Now the EPA has been caught colluding with environmental activists to shut down a mine in Alaska. The Green Tyrants say the mine might hurt fish, but the fish are 90 miles away. Stossel asked Bob Deans of the Natural Resources Defense Council, “are any mines okay?” He didn’t name one that the NRDC would approve.

Green Tyrants opposed to the Keystone pipeline say it will never be finished. Even if President Obama finally approves it, they say, “we will tie it up in court, and get in the way of construction crews.” It makes Stossel wonder why anyone would try to build anything big today. “NIMBY” used to be the chant (Not In My BackYard!). Now it’s “BANANA” (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody).

THE CHURCH OF CLIMATE CHANGE: Global warming alarmism has turned into hysteria. Yes, the globe has warmed. Climate changes! We can adjust to it. But climate scientists who dare say that, like Judith Curry of Georgia Tech, are shunned as heretics.

SEAWORLD: The CNN film “Blackfish” says SeaWorld cruelly imprisons killer whales. SeaWorld’s attendance and stock price dropped after they ran the film repeatedly. SeaWorld wouldn’t speak to the “Blackfish” producers, but they did speak to us. We investigated and learned that much of “Blackfish” is utter deceit.

stossel seaworldStossel investigated and learned that much of “Blackfish” is utter deceit.

PROPAGANDA: “There may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas!” threatens Santa in a Greenpeace video on global warming. Hollywood runs propaganda that tells kids: global warming will kill you! Kids are scared.

ZERO IMPACT: All the trash Lauren Singer produced in 2 years fits inside a mason jar. She proudly lives a “sustainable lifestyle.” This makes her feel “empowered,” but such “extreme recycling” is a pointless gimmick only indulged in by privileged people in rich countries–countries made rich by fossil fuels that Green Tyrants now want to ban.

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    Green extremists will never get their way because they can’t agree what that way is. They [i]are[/i] extremists so it’s all-or-nothing but the trouble is that each green ideologue has their own personal image of Utopia:

    In vague terms, we’d all be living in some agrarian commune pod, composting our organic vegan left-overs, and tending our community gardens while singing collectivist folk songs. Since our global leaders of compassion and vision have now banned energy-burning transportation for the proletariat, our world limits will be reduced to the distance we can pedal our shared community bicycles. Ahhh… paradise!

    Meanwhile, that promised Utopia will always remain just over the hill, but [i]almost[/i] in sight, if we each would just give up a little more of our individual liberty and wealth for the sake of the latest PC version of “social justice”…

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