Green Group Jumps On The Bandwagon, Files Lawsuit Against Exxon Over Climate Fraud

exxonmobil.siAn environmentalist group filed a civil lawsuit Thursday against Exxon Mobil for allegedly failing to account for global warming at an oil containment facility near a river in Massachusetts.

The Conservation Law Foundation’s cobbled together an investigation against the oil company and found that “despite knowing the harm climate change could cause, Exxon Mobil left its oil storage facilities in Everett, Mass., Providence, R.I., and elsewhere vulnerable to flooding from storms and rising seas.”

CLF filed the lawsuit to capitalize on an investigation initially instituted by Democratic attorneys general in New York and Massachusetts. The lawsuit was filed after the investigation was complete.

The group’s investigation, and subsequent lawsuit, took the lead from news reports by the Los Angeles Times and InsideClimate News showing that Exxon allegedly misled investors and the public about information it had concerning global warming and its effect on business.

The crux of the CLF’s argument is based on Exxon’s alleged “climate deceit,” as well as its supposed violation of various environmental regulations, including the Clean Water Act.

The media have heaped generous accolades on InsideClimateNews the fact that the outlet’s chief benefactor, the billionaire Rockefeller Family Fund, colluded with several environmentalist groups to take the oil company.

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