GOP’ers who once smeared Trump pitch carbon tax to White House

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Members of the conservative Climate Leadership Council, half of whom publicly denounced candidate Donald Trump during the election, visited the White House yesterday to extol the benefits of a carbon tax.

In their view, such a tax would mark the first step toward fighting global warming while potentially gaining new constituents for the party.

The CLC, run by eight old-school Republicans and business leaders, wants to impose a $40 tariff on each ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted through mechanical or industrial policies.

In exchange, the administration could cancel some of the most expensive EPA rules.

With friends like these…

And even though the Council’s membership is comprised of GOP loyalists, many made disparaging comments about Trump during the campaign. Henry M. Paulson, Jr., a CLC member and a GOP Treasury Dept. secretary, said he had voted for Hillary Clinton.

Three others made critical comments that might also overshadow their case for a new carbon tax.

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    Fight Global Warming? Fight has been over for like 20 years already…

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    Today marked the start of the personal and corporate tax reductions campaign Trump promised in the election . He did not support a carbon tax so a bait and switch would seem unlikely and not go over well . The question is why is his daughter hanging around carbon tax promoters who detest Trump ?
    You can see why big box retailers would love to see a carbon tax credit $2000 landing in the pockets of their market and millions of illegal immigrants who don’t file tax returns would get hit on any energy they buy . Even kids who don’t pay income taxes would be forking over money . What’s not to like but can we stop the con game pretence that it’s going to adjust the earth’s temperature .
    The current tax system is screwed because the boomers are retiring and raiding peoples income before they even see it is increasingly a disincentive to work .
    Go to a flat tax ,eliminate rich people loop holes and put a VAT on if necessary .
    A carbon tax just supports a con -game that has been pushed by the earth has a fever promoters and people see right through it . The USA doesn’t need Europe’s track record for tens of thousands of fuel poverty deaths caused by stupid carbon taxes .

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    Edmonton Al


    I am sick and tired of saying we have to fight global warming.
    Mankind cannot cause global warming from burning fossil fuels and releasing CO2, and, therefore, cannot stop global warming. Global temperature are the result of primarily variations in the sun, along with other variables such as the Milankovitch cycles, plate tectonics , the water cycle. etc..

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    Russell Johnson


    The UN admits the climate change swindle is nothing but an income redistribution scheme designed to destroy capitalism. Disingenuous “conservatives” like Baker and Schultz are off track with a carbon tax–it would quicken the demise of capitalism. What are they doing siding with the UN? I don’t think Trump will go for it because it’s a net minus for the economy.

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