GOP Attorneys General Urge Trump To Kill Obama’s ‘Unleawful’ Clean Power Plan

Current head of EPA, Gina McCarthy

Officials in 24 states are urging President-elect Donald Trump to end climate regulations the Obama administration foisted upon the coal industry.

The coalition, led by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, wants Trump to kill the Clean Power Plan (CPP) enacted by President Barack Obama. They want Congress to use legislative maneuvers to prevent the EPA from drafting similar regulations in the future.

The CPP was designed to force coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 to 32 percent below 2005 levels. It is also expected to cost an eye-bulging $41 billion annually.

“The order (to withdraw the plan) should explain that it is the administration’s view that the (Clean Power Plan) is unlawful and that EPA lacks authority to enforce it,” Morrisey told reporters. “The executive order is necessary to send an immediate and strong message to States and regulated entities that the administration will not enforce the rule.”

Trump’s well-documented climate skepticism and his move to nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA could provide Paxton and Morrisey with enough firepower to make a dent in the CPP.

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    Obama, Reagan is turning in his grave because of you not Donald Trump.

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    These AG’s need to get their act together . First a little gaggle of “who knew ” AG witch hunters and blame throwers . Now a much larger group want the EPA “Clean Out America ” flawed policies reversed . Drain away Mr. Trump . The EPA brand is dirty and needs to be downsized by at least half , pre 1990 levels, and then reassigned to a Department where interests align with the public .

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