Global Warming Activists’ New Target: Meat

In a resolution that seems more suitable for a liberal college town like Berkeley, California, the Indianapolis City-County Council voted for a resolution to make Mondays “meatless.”

The resolution, passed on Dec. 5, encourages Indianapolis and Marion County citizens to go without any meat products on Mondays was backed by vegetarian and environmentalist activists.

The advocacy group Meatless Monday, which helped pass the resolution and describes itself as a “global movement,” said its goal was to reduce meat consumption by 15 percent “for our personal health and the health of the planet.”

The news of the Indianapolis resolution was not widely reported by Indiana media. But eventually word filtered out through social media and talk radio, angering many in the conservative-leaning Hoosier State. One conservative talk-show host reminded his audience the same council wants a pay raise.

“In the same time they were having this conversation about [pay] raises … they also voted for Meatless Monday,” said Tony Katz, a talk-show host in Indianapolis. “It’s about healthy eating, so they say. And, you know, it’s really this carbon footprint, saving-the-environment nonsense.”

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    Yet another religious cultural-appropriation from the RC church by environmental whacks.

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    One of many scary stories from the Warmists is the threat of famine. If the grain that feeds livestock and ethanol production went straight to our stomachs instead, the world would need billions of stretch pants. In other words, the way we eat now is a luxury. For example, beef production consumes about three times the grain (per pound of meat) as chicken. That is reflected in the price. Africa has developed an appetite for chicken as their income increases. If the world warmed up, think of all the land that would become productive in Russia and Canada.

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      The alarmist jerks will not admit of positives that would happen
      even if the earth was warming.
      If we could only hope that their idiotic conjecture were correct.

      The jerks will not even admit that we are still in the ” Last ” Ice Age.

      Look around
      There are STILL massive glaciers in both hemispheres
      that have been there for approx. 120,000 years !

      FACT !

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    More meat for me?

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