Garbage haul at Dakota Access camps revised downward to 21 million pounds

A lot of garbage was hauled out of the Dakota Access protest camps, just not as much as previously indicated.

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services said last week that 21.48 million pounds of trash, debris and waste was ultimately removed from the three protest camps built on federal land — Oceti Sakowin, Rosebud and Sacred Stone — based on figures from Morton County Emergency Management.

Last month, however, the state said on its NDResponse page on Facebook that 48 million pounds had been cleared from the camps. It turns out the actual figure was 4.8 million pounds as of the Feb. 28 post.

“It appears a decimal point was omitted,” said Cecily Fong, spokeswoman for the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.

The figure on NDResponse has since been corrected.

A Florida contractor hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finished the massive restoration job March 9 at the camps located on federal land, picking up where the Standing Rock Sioux left off after launching the cleanup in late January.

The trash tally from the camps is expected to grow given that the Sacred Stone Camp is partially located on land owned by the Standing Rock Sioux, which has not yet reported the amount of garbage collected on tribal property.

At Oceti Sakowin, the largest of the camps, crews also found 44 abandoned vehicles, including three campers and two buses, according to a Friday press release from NDResponse.

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    Edmonton Al


    What an absolute disgrace.
    If I throw a gum wrapper on the ground I am liable for a $500 fine.
    These “people” should be fined and charged for the clean-up.
    But,,, No they “are-at-one-with-the-Earth”
    What a travesty.

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    Whatever the actual number, the acres of photos tell it all. It’s hard to comprehend the kind of filthy steaming heap that the “ecos” left behind for someone else to clean up. Wasn’t that land “sacred”?

    A few short years ago a group of mostly full-time leftist protesters broke in to the beautiful Wisconsin State Capital building, setting up for weeks a filthy squatter’s camp both inside and out. This cost the public millions in cleaning, damage repair, security (that was expensive but worthless), and lost utility.

    As with most everything, leftists feel entitled to this filthy speech and squalid earthly hygiene, all at someone else’s expense. They have exempted themselves from civil behavior as they drive around with bumper stickers that read, TOLERANCE, COEXIST, Think Globally – Act Locally, and Love Your Mother (earth).

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