‘Gaia Theory’ Scientist Isn’t Worried About Global Warming Because Robots Will Take Over Soon

James Lovelock

James Lovelock

As the creator of “gaia theory,” James Lovelock warned for decades that global warming would virtually wipe out humanity, but in a recent interview, the 97-year-old scientist had some harsh words for global warming alarmists.

“Anyone who tries to predict more than five to 10 years is a bit of an idiot, because so many things can change unexpectedly,” Lovelock told The Guardian in a recent interview.

“CO2 is going up, but nowhere near as fast as they thought it would,” he said. “The computer models just weren’t reliable. In fact, I’m not sure the whole thing isn’t crazy, this climate change.”

“You’ve only got to look at Singapore,” he added. “It’s two-and-a-half times higher than the worst-case scenario for climate change, and it’s one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in.”

The Guardian’s Decca Aitkenhead reminded Lovelock in their interview that he was one of those issuing dire predictions when they last talked in 2008. Lovelock responded, “but I’ve grown up a bit since then.”

Lovelock has been a fixture of the environmental community for decades, probably most famous for his “Gaia Hypothesis” — the theory the Earth is a single, self-regulating organism.

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    About 30 years ago computers were suppose to replace 1000’s of workers and eliminate jobs.

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