Friends of Science Society’s Controversial Billboard Theme Takes Gold for Climate Change Ad Copy in International Marcom Contest

Friends of Science Society is celebrating their gold win for climate change advertising copy in the MarCom Awards for the print ad “There’s no 97% consensus. They’re fooling you.”


The dynamic print ad features a glorious solar flare contrasted by a tiny blue dot Earth, along with the theme “The sun drives climate change. Not you. Not CO2.” This image is framed by a right-side copy block stating, “97% consensus on global warming? NO. No consensus. Not even close. They’re fooling you.” The ad was designed by Calgary Herald design team; the award-winning ad copy was developed by Friends of Science Society’s Communications Team.

Described as one of the biggest contests of its kind in the world, featuring some 6,000 entries, the MarCom Awards’ list of winners “shows a range in size from individuals to media conglomerates and Fortune 50 companies.”

“We published this ad to coincide with the release of our report ‘97% Consensus? NO! Global Warming Math Myths and Social Proofs,’” says Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society. “Sadly, people and policy-makers are being fooled by the claim there’s a 97% consensus on climate change. It’s nice to see the advertising world understands this claim is just a social proof.” [Report:]

The ads became billboards and Friends of Science Society have developed a number of short, smart billboard themes that clearly get a message across.

Recently, a Canadian charity – Ecojustice Canada Society – has tried to take Friends of Science to the Competition Bureau of Canada as reported by The Rebel Media on Dec. 08, 2015

On Dec. 9, 2015, the Calgary Herald editorial board spoke out against this effort and in support of Friends of Science right to freedom of speech in advertising.

In response to the public complaint, Friends of Science have appealed to Canadian human rights activist and author, Margaret Atwood, Vice President of PEN International, in an open letter published on their blog Dec. 10, 2015.    

“It seems our message is stimulating discussion and that’s what we wanted,” says Stirling. “We’re in favor of open and civil debate. People see our ads and billboards and they know it is permitted challenge the dogma on climate change.”

Friends of Science Society says the sun is the main direct and indirect driver of climate change. Their most recent billboard states: “Science is about inquiry, not compliance.”


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    The worm is starting to turn. Suddenly those who would claim free speech as [b]criminal[/b] are themselves being outed in society.

    Some colleges are now officially reaffirming the right of free speech on campus. As absurd as that should be in a nation that has the First Amendment, it is nonetheless necessary in the new world of political correctness and hyper-victimhood syndrome.

    How this billboard “controversy” will ultimately be determined in Canada is anyone’s guess. The choice to embrace creeping fascism is there… will the Canadian people accept it?

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    Less than 40% of the recent vote went to Canada’s former drama teacher Prime Ministers Liberal Party. With his daily selfie promotions one wonders how he has time to get his hair done .

    The politically correct Liberal Party has quickly established it’s plan to run massive deficits while propping up green subsidies
    and generally “saving the planet ”

    When the economy tanks someone will come in to clean up their mess .

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    I think we need to raise money for more ads like this. But where do we get the money from? Oh, lets all write reports on how “Climate Change affects my job at the Donut shop”, and “Climate Change and mating rituals of anteaters”, whatever, and it will be easy money and then we can fund this site and more ads.

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    Steven Capozzola


    Good work.

    How do I get this as a bumper sticker?

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