Former IPCC head Pachauri told victim: ‘If you get a boyfriend, I will castrate him’

rajendra pachauriFrom the “It can’t get any creepier than this” dept. Shruti Singh reporting via India Today:

RK Pachauri’s troubles don’t seem to be anywhere close to going away anytime soon. The former director general of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is already facing charges of sexual harassment.

One of the two complainants has revealed that he threatened her after seeing her interacting with a male colleague at a climate change summit in March 2014. The complainant said that Pachauri told her that “if you were ever to get a boyfriend, I will castrate him”. He said this to her while they were boarding a flight at Los Cabos in Mexico, an Economic Times report said.

She further said that on an official trip to Paris in October 2013, he forcibly kissed her despite the fact that she had expressed her displeasure and had told him not to do so.

Last week, amid strong opposition from women groups and students against his appointment as executive vice-chairman of TERI, Pachauri was sent on indefinite leave and former Competition Commission chief Ashok Chawla was appointed as the new chairman of TERI. TERI has also decided to appoint an external ombudsman to look into any complaints of sexual harassment in future.

Pachauri went on indefinite leave after outgoing students refused to accept their degrees from him.