Forcing Global Warming No. 1 issue not God but Man-Made

popeA little prayer sent your way to get the faithful through the pope’s address to Congress today and the United Nations tomorrow: St. Teresa’s Book Mark: “Let nothing disturb thee, Let nothing affright thee, All things are passing; God only is changeless. Patience gains all things.  Who hath God wanteth nothing—Alone God sufficeth.”

Yesterday a chill wind came blowing through the fast-moving global warming/climate change agenda when President Barack Obama and Pope Francis became one on forcing global warming/climate change as humanity’s top issue.

With the pope having given the horrors of man-made global warming his blessing, how long before so-called global warming deniers face prison terms;  how long before Catholics daring to speak out against global warming face excommunication?

We assume that the pope’s handlers will ask to have the air conditioning turned off during his Congress address today.

Francis is against air conditioning just like UN Poster Boy Canadian Maurice Strong was. (Canada Free Press, May 13, 2010)

Did the Pope copy-cat Strong’s take on air conditioning while he was still only Bishop Bergoglio? 

In any case, the pontiff’s first North American convert is actor Leonardo DiCaprio, whose statement that he has now joined the fossil fuel divestment effort came as Pope Francis was discussing the environment.

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