Exposed: The Great Green LSE Con

green-con-lseOne of the world’s leading institutes for researching the impact of global warming has repeatedly claimed credit for work done by rivals ‚Äì and used it to win millions from the taxpayer. An investigation by The Mail on Sunday also reveals that when the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) made a bid for more Government funds, it claimed it was responsible for work that was published before the organisation even existed.

Last night, our evidence was described by one leading professor whose work was misrepresented as ‘a clear case of fraud ‚Äì using deception for financial gain’. The chairman of the CCCEP since 2008 has been Nick Stern, a renowned global advocate for drastic action to combat climate change. –David Rose, Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2016

Our paper had no relationship to the CCCEP. It came out of David Anthoff’s masters thesis. At the time, the CCCEP did not exist, and it only came into existence after the paper was published. Fraud means deception for financial gain. That is what this is. — Professor Richard Tol, Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2016

Former Labour Minister Lord Donaghue, a governor of the LSE for 25 years, called for an inquiry, saying: ‘To preserve the academic integrity of the LSE, it is necessary that the relevant funding authorities launch a full investigation.’ –, Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2016

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    Scientific fraud and theft of tax payers money in the global warming industry ?
    Who knew ?
    The Centre For Climate Change Economics and Policy management need to have their day in court . Someone is actually calling for an inquiry. How about charges being laid for a change ?
    Things are going from bad to worse . First the Climate Clowns just whip up broken hockey sticks and adjust world temperatures . Now they are even too lazy to do their own work . The horror . Outright theft of another scientists work now that’s a cause for action .
    Where are the people that are supposed to protect the tax payers interests from the serial fraud of global warmy promoters ? In the USA a little clique of AG’s are acting as lobbyist’s for the grant dependant “renewable” con game .
    Rest assured though we haven’t seen anything yet . Once Hillary is in markers will be collected .

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