Peter Gleick Resigns as President of Pacific Institute … Because of Fakegate?

GleickCriminalCaseToday, POLITICO announced disgraced climate scientist Peter Gleick has stepped down as president of the Pacific Institute, though he will remain there as a researcher and fundraiser. Interestingly, no successor has been named, so “the search for a new president is underway.” What was the hurry?

In 2012, Gleick stole the identity of a Heartland board member (committing identity theft, a federal crime) and used it to commit a second crime (stealing and revealing confidential documents from a competitor, industrial espionage).

He confessed to both crimes, but not to a third crime, libel, which he very likely committed by forging a document and lying repeatedly to his allies — and then to the general public and to his own board of directors — about the true origins of that document. He has yet to confess to that crime. This whole hoary incident is called Fakegate and is documented on this site.

The Heartland Institute, Gleick’s victim, carefully documented Gleick’s crimes and tried to persuade the U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois to prosecute him, but failed. At the time, we couldn’t understand why: Gleick confessed to committing crimes, and the crimes he committed caused great damage to Heartland’s reputation and to the wider world of public policy debate. Letting him go unpunished would set a terrible precedent: Groups that support different perspectives on controversial issues are now apparently free to break the law to attack and discredit their opponents.

Why didn’t the Department of Justice prosecute Gleick? Events in recent weeks help explain it. 

The Obama administration’s heavy-handed abuse of constitutional authority has extended beyond the IRS, FCC, and EPA to include the Department of Justice. The DOJ apparently has consulted with the FBI to investigate global warming realists, and possibly plans to use RICO against groups like The Heartland Institute. Astonishing, and frightening. And it raises an obvious question: For how long has DOJ viewed global warming realists as possible criminals and not victims?

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    Let’s see the EPA had a senior management employee (now in jail ) pretend to be CIA and disappear unnoticed bv the EPA for six months at a time , We have the former Head of the UN IPCC charged with sexual harassment , we have massage therapists claiming misconduct from a global warming preacher , and an alleged identity thief and document stealer while employed at the Pacific Institute .

    At the rate and volume of losers disappearing from the global warming CHEER LEADER SQUAD there is going to be no one left other than a few in the main street media who’s businesses are disappearing faster than Arctic ice .

    Couldn’t happen to more deserving promoters .

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    He probably had to ensure his predecessor was of the same mindset before he gave up the reigns. They can’t have someone in there without their approval, ya know like the EPA.

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    He will be retained as a fund raiser ?
    Identity thief and steal unauthorized data ?Now there is a guy you want as a fund raiser .

    Setting the bar a bit high aren’t they ? Why wasn’t he escorted from the premises ? Oh yeah he was the President so who would escort him ? Was any discipline exercised at all ?
    When the top guy starts impersonating and stealing other people’s ID what else has been going on ?

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