EPA will take huge climate hit in current budget proposal

The White House’s proposed budget will target the lavishly funded Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plus other agencies across the board.

Drafted by the Office of Management and Budget, the National Economic Council, and chief strategist Steve Bannon, the budget proposals come just ahead of President Donald Trump‘s address to Congress on Tuesday evening.

Money for military spending will get a boost of $54 million.

The biggest cuts include those to several domestic programs and federal agencies, specifically the EPA and State Department.

Under John Kerry’s tenure as secretary of State, he made climate change part of his diplomatic mission. A more comprehensive budget will be released March 13.

Trump has already indicated he won’t touch entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. He hopes to redirect billions of dollars being spent on EPA global warming programs, research, and grants.

Green Climate Fund

The money saved would be allocated to increase defense spending. During the campaign, Trump said he would stop contributing to the United Nations Green Climate Fund (GCF), ostensibly used to help “climate” refugees.

He said we should be focused on fixing our country’s infrastructure, including its crumbling bridges, airports, highways, and dams.

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    Funny how increased funding to the EPA increases global warming .
    Who knew the solution to the overhyped and exaggerated bogus crisis
    was reduced spending on infiltrated agencies like the EPA , NOAA and NASA .
    The easiest $$trillion dollars saved Trump will ever find is the con game
    the earth has a fever .
    They should also get the $500 million Obama gave away to his climate adjuster pals at the UN as he walked out the door . Pure theft of tax payers money that could be better spent fixing car drive through holes in the border fence .
    On the other hand why have a wall at all ? Just expropriate Mexican land for the millions of illegals who wish to continue to bail on their country . You know align interests .

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    The EPA as it currently exists is
    unworthy of continued existence.
    It should be abolished with everyone on the payroll terminated.
    Those who are willing to come forward and divulge the criminal activity there
    should be listened to and afforded possible placement within the civil service.

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    Edmonton Al


    Typo… $54 billion not million

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    The EPA has devolved under Democrat leadership into nothing but a clearing house for leftist’s political/economic redistribution of wealth. Science and environment are now but window dressing for their globalist power schemes.

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