EPA Science Panel Stacked With Experts Paid Millions By EPA

GinaThe Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) science advisory panel tasked with reviewing ozone regulations is stacked with experts who have collectively received millions in agency funding over the years.

Of the 20 scientific advisers sitting on EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) Ozone Panel, 17 have received a total of $192 million in EPA grants, according to an analysis by the blog JunkScience.com.

This news only fuels the argument that EPA’s science committees aren’t “independent” as required by federal law, because they are stacked with experts who rely on the very agency they are overseeing for money.

“The EPA’s CASAC panels work on a consensus basis,” wrote Steve Milloy, the publisher of JunkScience.com and senior fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI).

“So with 70% of panel members on the receiving end of $192 million in grants, a ‘consensus’ supporting the EPA was not difficult to achieve,” Milloy wrote.

Milloy, who has been battling EPA and environmentalists for years over the quality of science used to promulgate clean air regulations, recently sued EPA over the integrity of its science panel tasked with reviewing regulations for fine particulate matter, or PM2.5.

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    Any EPA bought committees are not independent and any regulation developed with a premeditated breach occurring are illegal and void . How could $192 million be spent by the EPA to stacked committees and EPA Senior Management not being fully aware of what was going on ? Someone signed off on all that money being handed out and knew there was a serious breach of ethics taking place . Who got the cash and which people sat and voted on those committees ? How many former or current EPA employees work for the “advisors ” on the committees that have received EPA funding ?

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    Well when did you expect that they would be legal and ethical, all the research is bought and paid for.  There is ZERO dollars for
    refutation research.  I sent out my refutation article to the top 100 newspapers in the country.  Not only did the editors not read it
    they contacted me and said if I had any PRO warming articles that they would buy those from me.  That is how all the research is funded.
    Garbage In Garbage Out GIGO

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