EPA Head Says Obama May Want To Create New Carbon Tax, But Her Regs Do Just Fine

mccarthy epa officeThe head administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Friday it was her job to create overarching regulations as an alternative to the carbon tax legislation the Obama administration was unable to pass last year.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told activists and diplomats at a gathering in Washington that the agency was tasked with forming a seemingly never-ending amount of environmental regulations because President Barack Obama failed to pass the kind of “elegant” legislation needed to comply with last year’s climate change deal in Paris.

She noted that while the agency does not have the ability to enact a carbon tax, it can create an approximate facsimile through its regulatory efforts.

“There are many ways you can place a price on carbon, I think regulation is one of them,” McCarthy said, after being asked about the possibility of creating a nationwide tax on carbon emissions.

The EPA cannot regulate every nook and cranny of the economy, she said, but that doesn’t mean Congress can’t doing something in the future that does.

She explained the agency has been toying with ways to wrap the economy in environmental regulations in order to create an alternative to the carbon taxes Obama failed to enact.

“The president spent a lot of time in his first term looking at whether or not you could do something broader through the legislature. That didn’t happen,” she said.

McCarthy’s comments come less than a month after the EPA indicated it intends to implement core provisions in the so-called Clean Power Plan, despite the plan being stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court in February.

The change illustrates the degrees to which the EPA and McCarthy are willing to go to continue implementing the regulations.

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    A carbon tax is a political and ineffective dead duck in volatile energy markets . Politicians use it as a save the planet measure but it is green wash . Ultimately it is another consumption tax now they have reached a point of diminishing returns with income taxes .
    The current political system is getting increasingly dysfunctional because there is no limit on governments credit card guaranteeing the massive debts will never be paid back let alone reduced .

    Try and run your household that way . A carbon tax is a lie based on a fraud .

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    The Head of the EPA can take her regs with her . The USA needs to creating a sustainable economy that doesn’t rely on a government printing press and less on green wash policies designed to eliminate USA jobs and companies . Hillary campaigns to shut fossil fuels down . How many fuel poverty deaths
    does she consider acceptable when shutting down fossil fuels ?

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    A carbon tax is a tax on everything and ergo purely inflationary. The ONLY actual result of such a tax would be a generalized drop in consumption.

    The greater the tax, the greater the reduction in domestic consumption.

    The greater the tax, the greater the leveling or equalizing of wealth and therefor consumption ability.

    It drives the economy down and ergo the people down as well.

    Their economic approach has never been one of lifting anybody up to anything, but driving everything proportionately down so that we can have an equality of misery.

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    David Lewis


    Amber and Jay, you are both right. Unfortunately so is Gina McCarthy, head of the EPA. With her illegal over reaching regulation, she can drive the cost of energy up as much as a carbon tax would.

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    Unelected, unaccountable, and arrogant… Always a bad combination.

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