Enviros Worry Election Shows Climate Movement Could Be Waning

greeen_protestEnvironmentalists believe the climate change movement is losing political muscle and getting clobbered during elections by “a well-funded denial machine.”

“We have regressed to a bar so low that it’s practically touching the ground,” climate activist Chloe Maxmin wrote Monday in The Nation.

And part of the reason for the low bar, according to Maxmin, is that Republicans and climate skeptics are making headway in their attempts to sway public opinion on global warming. She chalked up the climate movement’s pitfalls to a lack of organization and the inability to deal with ridicule global warming.

“The climate movement’s political-organizing strategies have failed to influence the conversation,” she wrote. “Three facets of the election season expose the climate movement’s profound lack of political muscle.”

She pointed to evidence showing that environmental policies made up a total of 14 minutes and three seconds during presidential debates in 2000, and only 5 minutes and 14 seconds in 2004. The number of mentions about climate change policies nosedived in 2012. Talk of global warming simply does draw the kind of attention that it did in previous elections.

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not helping matters, Maxmin believes, mostly because they make favorable comments about fracking. The former secretary of state also appears to use climate change talk as a weapon against Republicans, she wrote, rather than something that has placed earth on “the brink of irreversible catastrophe.”

Clinton did change her cadence on global warming after Sen. Bernie Sanders left the race, according to the news site Climate Home. She talks a lot about “clean energy” jobs but rarely says “climate change” in speeches anymore since winning Sanders’ endorsement.

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    The watermelons are panicking that their scaremongering is failing, greatly limiting their masters’ opportunities for graft and corruption.

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