Environmentalists get Laurel City to join climate accord using toothless initiative

Despite just about everyone agreeing the Paris climate accord won’t achieve anything, i.e., it won’t avert warming or lower CO2 emissions, that hasn’t stopped certain Democrat-led towns from joining the legally nonbinding agreement. An agreement that penalizes the U.S. but gives the biggest polluter, China, a huge propaganda win and advantage over America. What part of this don’t they get?

What will happen is that the costs will be passed on to the residents of these towns and cities. That’s why Pres. Trump exited the accord. It was all pain and no gain. From the Baltimore Sun:

The Laurel City Council Monday announced that Mayor Craig Moe signed onto the “We Are Still In” initiative, a national coalition of leaders focused on maintaining the Paris Climate Agreement, which President Trump dropped June 1.

The exit made the U.S. one of three countries not signed onto the accords, a global pact focused on mitigating the effects of global warming. The agreement comprises more 1,000 governors, mayors, businesses and university presidents nationwide.

“I don’t think it’ll change 1600’s ideas,” Council President Michael Leszcz said at the council’s meeting, referring to the White House’s address on Pennsylvania Avenue, “but at least there is a commitment on the part of the people that we know we’ve got some kind of a problem and we’ve got to do something to slow it down.

Laurel resident Amy Knox, a representative of advocacy group Historic Laurel Huddle — formed in the aftermath of the Women’s March on Washington this year — arrived at the City Council meeting ready to urge the council to commit the city to the initiative, only to find out that Moe already had.

“It’s exciting to know that they’re committed, that they are in and that the Environmental Affairs Committee will be moving in a forward direction,” Knox said, referring to the committee Councilman Frederick Smalls chairs, which will participate in the efforts.

When the residents wake up one morning and realize they don’t live in a dome and that the CO2 produced in China and India (who don’t have to lower CO2 emissions) spreads evenly across the planet, maybe then they’ll finally vote these knuckleheads out of office.

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    Leigh Harwood


    It’s beyond laughable. No matter how many agreements these dupes sign up to – it won’t make the slightest difference to the climate whatsoever.

    The problem is that they all signed up to the big lie a long time ago and cannot really back down from their positions without seeming foolish and weak to the general public. In light of this – they have chosen to maintain the farce and play it out to it’s natural conclusion – which means spewing endless bullshit about the climate and all the horrors which await us (none of which have ever materialized in reality).

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      “We didn’t intend to distract you with junk science while picking your pockets. But now that you’ve caught us at it, can we keep it going?”

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    Spurwing Plover


    As P.T Barnum once said THERES A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE and the city council as well as Moonbeam Brown and he rest of the global Warming advocates are examples of that

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