Enviro Debates Open Borders With Tucker, Forgets He Loved Walls 4 Years Ago

Fox News host Tucker Carlson grilled Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune Thursday on why the group weighs in on issues that have nothing to with the environment.

“Protecting the environment sometimes means walling it off from people,” Tucker told Brune, who responded he didn’t want to “separate some parts of America from others.”

“If we start to fully deny a pathway to citizenship for millions of Americans, then those are the Americans who won’t have the ability to use our democracy to fight for a better world,” Brune said.

The Sierra Club was a big fan of preventing immigration just a few years ago, arguing fewer people meant less environmental damage. The group only embraced its pro-immigration stance in 2013. Brune became the Sierra Club’s executive director in 2010, according to his official biography.

The Sierra Club previously claimed that “… all of our environmental successes may be short-lived if they do not include efforts to address population growth.” Its official policy until 1996 was that both birth rates and immigration levels needed to sharply decline to stabilize the U.S. population.

The group previously splintered and lost members over immigration. Now, the organization’s only position on population reduction is its promotion of “voluntary family planning and reproductive health services.”

Many other green groups still believe all environmental problems are directly caused by there being too many humans, and have long opposed immigration on environmental grounds.

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    Finally an honest discussion of the “green “agenda . Population elimination hiding behind righteous green fear mongering . It never takes too long in any discussion about the false claims of the earth having a fever before you will hear ‘ well there are just too many people anyways ” . No wonder lobby groups like the Sierra Club try to disguise their sales pitch . Are they really going to tell half the truth and risk having their revenue steam cut in half by pissing off prolife supporters ?
    The scary global warming industry had to rebrand to climate change crusaders
    once it was obvious the proof was in that climate modellers grossly overstated any warming . The jig was up … time for a new name . No one argues the climate stays the same . “Climate Change ” is just a marketing slogan to push the same agenda as it’s predecessor global warming which fall into three main groups :
    Funding Globalization (UN)
    Higher taxes
    Grants and donations to a range of rent seekers
    Donald Trump will never get an easier $Trillion dollar saved than by punting this
    overblown scam .
    Let’s hope it keeps warming because the previous 1970’s “scientifically based” global cooling false alarm were much more scary .

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    David Lewis


    It is an absolute fact that “fewer people meant less environmental damage.” This is most meaningful in preventing increases in the population. There are fewer emissions of all kinds, fewer resources required, and less forest and farmland plowed under to make room for additional housing. The fact that liberals both support environmental goals and immigration is one of the great hypocrisies of our time. This is easy to understand. Liberals make their decisions based on emotion, not logic, so it is easy to embrace conflicting goals.

    Our family uses logic. Since the federal government permits immigration, that means we have a surplus of everything, including clean air. With a surplus of clean air, there is nothing wrong with burning kitchen and bathroom trash containing plastic in a wood stove to help with heating costs.

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      Very good, David

      Nothing like throwing the logical extension of their creed
      right into the face of the

      Liberals ( smelly democrats ( leftist extremists ) ).

      We know it but they will never understand that their own predisposition
      actually is antithetical to their espoused roaring beliefs.

      They’re even more laughably hypocritical than the Pope.

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