Enviro Billionaire Aims To Push His Green Agenda On Young Voters This Election

steyerBillionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer’s political action committee announced a $25 million campaign Monday to encourage young people to support and vote for green energy candidates in the November 2016 election.

Steyer’s NextGen Climate super PAC, a group that has donated tens of millions of dollars in support of candidates who push green energy policies, said it plans to deploy its considerable resources across hundreds of college campuses to get youngsters out to vote.

The California billionaire’s decision to dump millions into the upcoming election year comes as fellow billionaire Charles Koch — who, unlike Steyer, is a global warming skeptic and conservative mega-donor — indicated in an interview Sunday that he is unlikely to shovel millions into the 2016 election.

Steyer has no such qualms.

“We are determined that they will be a difference maker,” Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager who began his career at Goldman Sachs in the 1980s, told reporters during a conference call Monday.

NextGen Climate will focus its efforts in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Colorado, the last of which has a storied history with Steyer and his group.

Steyer sunk more than $8.5 million into unsuccessful bids to get anti-fossil fuel candidates elected to office in 2014.

Steyer bankrolled former Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall’s unsuccessful reelection bid in 2014, in part because the former senator accepted more than $4 million from Steyer. The donation and Udall’s anti-fracking positions were unpopular in fossil fuel-dependent Colorado.

The wealthy green advocate has spent more than $13 million so far this election year, according to OpenSecrets.org.

As justification for its ramp up in donations, NextGen Climate pointed to a June 2015 poll showing 73 percent of young voters believe the U.S. should receive 50 percent of its energy from solar panels and windmills, among other renewable sources, by 2030.

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    Did you thatknow only the Republicans have billionaire PAC donors?

    If you only follow the mainstream media it would be easy to believe that. While they love to tell us that the Charles Koch is the devil’s spawn for trying to influence public opinion, the MSM is happy to ignore the fact that Bill Steyer and George Soros make Koch look like a piker, contributing [u]many millions more[/u] to extreme leftist causes.

    Somehow according to the MSM meme only conservative donors can have a corrupting influence on politics, even as people like Steyer target our most vulnerable youth with his green/socialist propaganda.

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    While Steyer is educating the youth about voting for greenies he can also show them what investments in some green poster boys look like . Start with these :
    Sun Edison
    He may wish to save a bit of that cash earned at Goldman Sachs if he has got any left in “renewables” (as in always sustainable providing tax payers keep pumping money in ) .

    A warming world is a better world and if humans make a small contribution then at least we made the plants ,animals and forests very happy . Rich scary global warming promoters will just have to move their beach furniture a few inches every 100 years and tax payers won’t have to bankroll renewable business charities .
    A win /win .
    Hillary has gotten oh so green with promises to shut down coal jobs ,coal companies and the fossil fuel industry .
    Guess it’s pure coincidence $$Billionaire hedge gamblers are involved .
    Why haven’t the promoters of scary global warming been educating the public about the many benefits of a warming world ? Are they DENIERS ?

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