Energy CEO Blasts Greens For Jumping Off Natural Gas Bandwagon

Kinder Morgan CEO Steven Kean

Kinder Morgan CEO Steven Kean

The head of natural gas pipeline company Kinder Morgan targeted anti-fossil fuel crusaders Tuesday, arguing environmentalists oppose natural gas despite supporting fracking in the past.

Kinder Morgan CEO Steven Kean told an audience at the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s annual conference that policy makers need to better explain the benefits of natural gas, which include, he said, dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

“It can’t be me. I’m a natural gas guy,” he told the audience of hundreds of energy executives and government officials. “When it comes to fighting global warming, we need more natural gas, not less,” Kean added.

“In the power sector, we are back to 1993 levels” on greenhouse gas emissions. “We’ve increased our generation by 25 percent while keeping that emissions level flat,” Kean continued.

He also suggested environmentalists should reconsider their opposition of natural gas development – after all, he said, there was a time in recent history when anti-fracking activists were proponents of natural gas.

“Maybe it’s just my perception, but earlier in my career I remember how supportive environmental groups were for natural gas,” Kean said. “That seems to have waned.”

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    Mr. Kean is absolutely correct although a tad diplomatic . Ecoactivitist are
    never satisfied because that would put them out of business . They can’t keep the money flowing without a cause de jour . They will sell out an economy because they are never held accountable for the complete BS they whip up .
    According to their hysteria the earth has a fever (despite no noticeable temperature change in 20 years ) ,the ice caps are melting ,polar bears are drowning etc etc .
    If the earth had a fever less fossil fuel would be required and what could they possibly have against a warmer planet that encourages plant and tree growth ?
    Ecoactivists are hypocrites and the the real deniers . Healthy economies do a better job at improving the environment and we better hope the planet keeps warming .
    Climate changes with or without humans . Argue for the wise use of energy ,
    preservation of fish and animals , and cleaner air but cut the crap about the pretend boogieman the earth has a fever . People that promote that scam undermine other
    urgent environmental issues and discredit the process of scientific discovery.
    I admire Mr. Kean’s diplomacy clearly it isn’t my strong suit .

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