EMAILS: Architect Of Failed Solyndra Loan Offered To Help Clinton Campaign

podestaThe architect of the Obama administration’s controversial green energy loan program was extremely eager to help out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, according to leaked emails.

The former Department of Energy green loans head also pitched Clinton campaign chair John Podesta on investing in an “angel investing group” that focused on green energy companies, according to emails published online by WikiLeaks from Podesta’s hacked Gmail account.

Jonathan Silver resigned from his position as head of DOE’s green loans program in late 2011 after news broke that his office had given $535 million in taxpayer-backed loans to the failed solar company, Solyndra.

But his resignation apparently didn’t dim his hopes for green energy subsidies. Silver sent Podesta several emails throughout 2015 about helping the Clinton campaign on its green energy platform.

“I would love to be helpful to the campaign on energy issues, if that would be helpful,” Silver wrote to Podesta on May 19, 2015. “The DOE loan portfolio is now on track to make 5 billion in profit and I am meeting regularly with, and doing business with, many of the leaders of the clean economy.”

“What can I do to be helpful?” Silver wrote. “Would be pleased to build an energy working group, a clean energy leaders for Clinton, serve as a surrogate for the candidate at appropriate events, whatever would be useful.”

“Let’s talk. Around over the weekend?” Podesta responded.

Silver emailed Podesta about a month later, this time sending over an “organizing document for what I’ve called Clean Economy Professionals for Clinton, which you asked me to pull together.” Silver emailed again to ask Podesta if he wanted to launch the pro-Clinton energy group at a wind industry meeting for her campaign in Chicago taking place that summer.

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    The CNN asks the Democrats to write the questions to ask Trump and Podesta’s paw prints are all over everything .
    Who hired the “mentally ” challenged to disrupt and incite violence at Trump rally’s in order to get photo ops ? Who is behind the $$Billion dollar shake down of tax payers by the ” Rewewable ” grant sucker industry . $$Billions paid to bankrupt soar companies that tax payers will never get back . This is fraud on a massive scale .

    Take Back Your Country USA . Lobbyist’s and political operatives are running it now .

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