Elizabeth Warren Claims GOP ‘Rigging The System’ In Favor Of Exxon

warrenDemocratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Wednesday Republicans pushing against ExxonMobil investigations are an example in “how big corporations rig the system.”

The Massachusetts liberal gave an aggressive defense of the now months-long investigation into Exxon’s internal research on climate change, in an editorial with The Washington Post.

Warren, who co-wrote the piece with Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, lambasted the GOP for defending the oil company, as well as the global warming skeptics supposedly aligned with Exxon.

“Those investigations,” Warren and Whitehouse write, “may be making ExxonMobil executives nervous, and their Republican friends in Congress are riding to the rescue.”

Their comments were in reference to Texas Rep. Lamar Smith’s decision in July to issue subpoenas to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and eight environmental groups focusing on nonprofit groups for supposedly hiding information related to global warming.

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    Dumb and Dumber co -wrote a piece ? Wonder what cars they drive and if they rely on solar panels to heat their mansions ? If they really hate fossil fuels and the prosperity that it has brought the USA let’s see them propose banning it . Exxon only sells a legal product that all kinds of hypocrites just love to buy . Including to the jaws that walk .
    The real deniers are the ones that think global cooling is good because they are ones just barely smart enough to know climate changes . It’s either cooling or warming take your pick .
    Wonder if Senator Warren vacations in Antarctica ? Nah … just a little too much reality and besides Penguin’s are the only mammals that will ignore her hyperventilate .

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    Does she mean big Corporations like those of Hedge Fund Billionaires that currently owns the Democrats . Ever wonder how a hedge fund $Billionaire accumulates their money ?
    Buying and selling coal … just a wild guess . So it was OK to fatten the wallet then but now it’s time to wipe out the industry or at least short the stock on a sure bet . Funny you never heard that save the planet speech when making money from it .
    Why does the political process even allow the 1 % of 1% to buy the politicians ?
    Why aren’t donations limited to $1000 . and the election cycle cut in half instead of being a two year soap opera ? …. Oh yeah it’s a self perpetuating business like the Olympics franchise .

    PS Excellent comments by Adrian Vance . More scientists are stepping up
    to the fraudsters in the scary climate con .

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